I will never do business with them again as soon as I can get switched! BBB Rating: Elavon has an “A+” rating despite having received 123 complaints and 19 … I was also never told that, instead of simply being able to pull up an app and choose which account I would put money into from a transaction, I have to go in and out of the stupid slow app to sign on and off with various passwords do so. This is THE MOST scummy company I’ve ever had to deal with. I have a small restaurant and i am Elavon’s customer over 10 years. 201-656-9449. Even with this info many will still want to blame the processor but again, that’s due to not understanding the process. Also, due to their sheer size they offer pretty much every service in-house which gives them a competitive advantage over many others players in the industry. The Regional Manager of the Bank stated to me on March 20th 2012 that the Bank of the West has a partnership with Elavon. If there is no law or regulation, there should be. I have not been able to take a credit card payment for three days now. We have only been with them for 4 months and as our establishment has been slow throughout that time, we have never even enabled the card readers. I only switched because this payment processor integrates with my gym management software. Still on hold and off to the next website that provides reviews on this company. However, most of Elavon’s customer complaints online are through Costco Merchant Services, which is provided by Costco. As of September 2015, I was quoted THOUSANDS of dollars in order to get out this HORRIBLE four year contract….. We’ve reviewed a few of them, and some are clearly better than others. What terrible customer service… way to damage the ease of my business and lose a customer. Costco partners with a third-party provider called Elavon (formerly NOVA) to rip you off on offer you credit card processing. I explained this to her and all she had to say was “Oh, that makes sense. I’ve had nothing but a nightmare experience with Elevon & Ladco! They were referred through my bank and I just assumed my bank had done some due diligence on these guys. Here’s the cold hard truth. I have tried to send mine in twice so far and have spoken on the phone with them various times. Not only do you have to put in a number, and a user name, and a password, then you have to remember which of the tiny-print screen options to choose once you’re in the system. Elavon is the former Nova with a big attitude. Two service calls later after about 30 to 60 minutes wait each we had a new terminal on order and the debit issue resolved but we still had to swap phone/terminal at each transaction and walk to the back of the store. Ladco needs for this exact scenario to happen so they can then attack the merchant’s bank account with ACH withdrawals. We were scammed and credited back the customer prior to chargeback. Trying to cancel the “lease”, even within the first 30 days, is fruitless, as they now have your routing and account numbers and can withdraw at will. Look at all sales reviews and sales employees: They are ok, making money. In some cases, this can be an advantage. I sent a follow up email a few days later and still heard nothing. Signed up with Elavon services for my new broker/wholesale business and after using for just over 1 month got a call to have a ‘review’ and ended with closing my account. Honest, in my opinion!! first batch was without a problem and the second, then the nightmare started, first they we got an e mail from Elavon did not know they are the same company stating that the charges are not correct information was missing so they held on to the next weeks of useless e-mails from (Sara Miller) sara.miller@elavon.com (Investigative Analyst) claiming, 1) she can not access our website 2) Information from the clients is incorrect, 3) Explanations on how & what we sell to our clients bla bla, and I say this because it was all useless, our IT department send screen shots of everything to do with our business pictures of the office, direct links to our website etc and Nothing worked. Then told me it was My bank. The goal is to find a rep within Elavon that you feel comfortable with. While Elevon still generates a fair number of complaints from merchants, its overall complaint volume continues to decrease gradually. 1. Stay away from these guys, that guy Desimone must be getting his palms greased somehow. If you’re thinking about signing on with Elavon, I would highly recommend that you do so through Helcim (see our review). I would think that would make sense. It’s quite frustrating. These people know it is painful and an interruption of business for merchants to switch companies. Never had a problem with Elavon until this week. They don’t bill you an arm and leg for early termination anyways. The company deserves credit for eliminating its early termination fees and disclosing its flat-rate pricing plans. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Elavon has charged us nearly $1000/year for a service we don’t use. Most of my transactions for last year were unqualified for on reason and one reason only according to their supervisor; because of the type of credit card my customer was using! Not exactly a number we carry with us everyday. Elavon uses tiered pricing for everyone who processes through them. 4 year auto-renewing lease, during the first term of which you will pay easily 10 times the cost of purchasing your own equipment! An elevon representative made all sorts of promises and offered all of these great rates if I signed a 3 year contract. A LOT of merchants don’t understand this process and blame the processor. Alot better options out there. Stay away from this company!! A classic.converge pay.com, for small business this merchant account was assign to us by Regions Bank for our small sales company http://www.yellowhelper.info We love Elavon's predictable pricing and excellent service. My experience with Elavon is a nightmare. This clause makes it even more difficult to close your account, as your contract might renew for a new term if you don’t provide adequate notice. As an Elavon Account Executive, this speaks volumes to Elavons’ reputation. If you want to be ripped off/scammed just sign with them. Then, they hit the limit and stopped payouts and are currently holding over 200k of my funds and its been 5 business days. Get a 30-day free trial to access discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates and print labels in no time. I soon realized none of my clients had been charged since that last Sunday, and all payments were coming up as failed payments. Merchant contacted Elevon who stated a 10-day hold would be placed on future credit card transactions.No reply when Elevon contacted and asked when funds would be released and deposited into Merchant account. Our experiencoe with Elavon has been horrible. I looked on their website and couldn’t see it. It doesn’t have an official Facebook page, although you will find a very unofficial page where people have left (mostly negative) reviews of the company. With the large business plans, you’ll have to either buy your own terminals or lease them from Elavon. Elavon’s customer service on this horrendous. Then they closed our account without warning due to a clause in the DBA form that said if they do not receive it within 30 days that they will close your account. Elavon is a scam – they skim credit card transactions made abroad, by defaulting option to pay in “home” currency and charging 3.5% for that. I would never recommend this company. It’s insane how much of a markup processors put on hardware… Thank you for reaching out. if I have to change companies it will cost me my set up fee and the cost of my machine which is not right! Elavon provides merchant accounts for businesses of all sizes, but unlike many providers, it has split its pricing options into two separate categories. I’m not sure where the term “transparency” comes from, but this business does not know the definition of it. If your business is large enough that you’ll want to negotiate your rates, we recommend that you avoid tiered pricing and ask specifically for an interchange-plus pricing plan. After 2 years, I decided to cancel early. Elavon is anywhere from $75-295 tops depending on which sales channel you sign through. Nickel and dime fees left and right, along with variable rates based on cards accepted. To think a company that is charging you and making money off of you would be such a pain in the butt is a scary thought. This all leads me to think Elavon is a disgusting company that will squeeze as much as they can out of you. March 31, 2016 ... We said above that Costco credit card processing uses a third-party company called Elavon, and while Costco partners with Elavon, Elavon sets the prices for Costco customers. I purchased An Ingenico wireless terminal through them this spring (’15) for $600.00. Previous post: Costco Credit Card Processing. comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Costco Elavon is the best!! Get server Training error. They destroy your profits with multiple fees and always decide in favor of your clients, even though they do not fulfill their contracts. We hadn’t processed a card in months. 3) After unsuccessfully changing our name I told them forget it I’ll find a new processor. Elavon’s elimination of its early termination fee and the availability of flat-rate pricing for some small businesses indicate that the company is responding in a positive way to some of the emerging trends within the processing industry. I think only people having no problems until now are happy but if things goes bad…..good luck! Or – better yet – I’d suggest you get quotes from other companies so you can bring these official quotes to the bargaining table. Again numerous phone calls emails. Elavon are pure evil . 4 Reviews . Look over statements carefully and continually. About Elavon. He offered to send another. Your email address will not be published. We tried to leave our present credit card processor but would not let us out of the contract so we tried to contact Elavon to cancel, not happening. 3 reviews for Elavon, 1.0 stars: 'My company recently wrote a negative review over Authorize. I think it is. They said there wouldn’t be any problem canceling our account and they would check to see if they could refund us the cost of the device.What a surprise that neither our customer rep or the supervisor at customer service made any attempt to save our account. Thanks! We’ve been without the ability to process credit card payments for four days as we go through the implementation process with another company. I have been a merchant with Elavon for over 3 1/2 years and have always received excellent support and friendly customer service on every level. They suckered me in with a promise of lower fees, then proceeded NOT to save me any money. We changed our organization name and I went through the DBA process with Elavon to change our name with them. You will regret it for all time. Isn’t there a law/regulation about notification or disclosure on this? Why would a business to business service want or need this information to proceed. Just type it into the search box, we will give you the most relevant and fastest results possible. After several hours on the phone, trying to get it fixed, the representative declared that the equipment must be broken. They continue to scan my acoount and the bank debits my account a $10 stop payment fee every time. If you read the review, you’d have seen this line in the introduction: Your experience with Elavon, or any big acquirer for that matter, will rely mostly on the sales rep/reseller that sets you up with that account. My complaint to my U.S. card issuer triggered an immediate refund. Put my money in a unclaimed funds Account. Elevon arbitrarily withheld payment transactions (thousands $) without notification or disclosure to Merchant. Elavon is one of the largest merchant service providers in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the … Also their customer service SUCKS!! they signed me up took over 2 months to get me my machine. Wish i had never signed up to Elavon lost count of the number of times we have phoned terminal helpdesk only been using the mobile device since august feel they should pay me for the wasted time,nearly every time i drive to another location i have to restart the device i feel like a second rate seller and apologise before i try and take payment in case it doesnt work first time will cancel contract when it expires got any idea as to a more reliable merchant service for august this year? WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ELAVON. I have heard reports of processors refusing to reprogram in the past, and while I believe that the protocol at Elavon is currently to do free reprograming – it’s definitely worth confirming with your rep for the most up to date info. I have tried at different times of the day and cannot get a live person each time. The worse part is what they do is “Legal”! The high rating may be partially due to Elavon responding to complaints and attempting to resolve them. You may want to read up on how much more expensive “flat rate pricing” is before you support it. IT NEVER ARRIVED. they don’t even rate a 1 star. They said they would not upgrade my machine unless I resigned a longer lease. They are not going to tell you that you should request a rate review, you will find out after you’ve been ripped off.2. I can’t get out from under them. Profile and Reviews with the Better Business Bureau. He enjoys reading, photography, hiking, and numerous other outdoor pursuits. I switched to Square, which takes care of all that. Really not cool. Avoid working with them if possible. The company offers fair and honest advertising, although it doesn’t publicly disclose much specific pricing information. I ask if I can have the fees removed, they say no. Any errors need to be brought to their attention within 45 days or merchant is left without recourse. I was told by Costco Brochure that… I was told by Costco Brochure that Elavon was going to be the BEST processing Company Lowest rates, etc. Through our partnership with Costco, we offer members in Canada exclusive access to discounted rates, promotions and more. As a reseller of Elavon contracts, Costco shows a lower complaint rate than Elavon and offers some mild additional value that its processor does not. B. Ghashghaee. That’s Outrageous. Costco credit card processing review: 3 reasons you shouldn’t use Costco for your merchant account: 1. Elavon earns a Fair rating in this category despite its use of dedicated account managers and the availability of true 24/7/365 customer support. However, I told him not to, because I needed it for that three day weekend. About Elavon. Elavon and Ladco Leasing. However Elavon has a 2nd contract on your POS terminal that you can’t get out of. Only in numbers can we stop this. When a customer disputes a charge, the issuing bank of that card contacts the processor, in this case Elavon, and tell them what they need for the chargeback. Please note that the third party site may have privacy and information security policies that differ from those of Elavon. He assured me that this was correct.. Outside of regular business hours, you’ll be talking to a customer support representative. I am still in the process of trying to get away from these clowns, and simply because I signed a piece of papaer that my bank rep told me was ok, I am going crazy trying to get away from these predators. I was told I could call the bank in China if I wanted to. Hi Leslie, I am having the same problem have you had any resolve?? I wanted to rate this company with no stars. I NEVER told that I would have to spend two HOURS signing up with the ridiculously overburdensome PCI manager process, which of course keeps sending me messages saying I’m not yet complete even though m sales rep guaranteed me, after the two hours we spent together on a blustery afternoon, that I was completely finished. Apparently they flagged our account due to a large transaction….which was APPROVED. We love PaymentCloud's predictable pricing and excellent service. I have put in an official complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman. Elavon has a lot of reviews online, primarily negative. You can’t pay a bill you don’t know you have. But if you are a Costco Member, they have a great program for us. Both my wife and I have tried 4 times and waited on hold for nearly 30 minutes each time.Currently I’m investigating a debit from my bank account for $49.95 monthly that is from a company they gave my bank account number to back in 2011. The dipping into your bank account for unexplained reasons will never stop. I will leave out his last name but if this guy comes into pitch you a sale……… RUN. But I am in the process of evaluating Elavon for my credit card processing and I asked the sales rep *specifically* about PCI compliance process and the time and money I would have to spend to be compliant. Alert Stay Away…… Elavon is a leader in payment processing. I had some trouble with the credit card machine. Plus, if you’re already a Costco Executive Member your application fee and monthly statement fee will be waived. Just the worst. !I would not recommend this company to ANYone. We’d particularly like to see the company be a little more forthcoming about things, such as the availability of interchange-plus pricing. I was knocked off the sight and it told me to call a phone # which I did and was on hold 23 minutes. Copyright © 2020 Merchant Maverick. Have all the documentation to prove it. No accountability for the unfullfilled promise of low rates. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. I run a gym called Olympus Athletics in Merced, CA. We have provided payment processing services to Costco Members for over 20 years. Tell us about your experience with Elavon: Your name: Your email address: Reviews 104. I returned a damage deposit through the phone system for $600. Net and Electronic Payments co. We endorsed our new processor Elavon. I Won’t know for sure until it posts in Feb.I did terminate with them in Sept to switch to TransFirst which turned into a nightmare very quickly, undisclosed tier pricing, triple the fees, undisclosed 500.00 termination fee, promises, promises, promises. Understand I’m not a fan of Elavon as they are a competitor but I do like educating people about the industry. Yes, that is $600,000. They sent me a terminal that did not have an ethernet connector like it was supposed to have. If you’re in dealings with them, best of luck to you and please pray for me as well. I sent a letter to each request along with the signed contract to Elavon and they decided on 5 of the 6 invoices that they would credit back the money that they charged back when he filed the claim, keep in mind that all six invoices were for the same ads based on the same contract. I hope this helps but if you have further questions please let me know. Elavon earns a Fair rating in this category because, while it offers some disclosures regarding pricing and contract terms, they’re pretty limited and insufficient for a prospective customer to make an informed choice. Of course they didn’t.Best regards,Philip C. (a Very Unhappy Customer)My Chauffeur Transportation Co.Portland Oregon. Because the move itself had so many unexpected expenses, our emergency funds and savings were much lower than normal. One thing to be aware of is that Elavon uses independent sales agents to market its products and services. I will be cancelling this service at the very first opportunity that I have to do so.I will never recommend this service to anyone. Elavon representatives own terminals or lease them from Elavon that includes a “ security reserve ” knows more about parameters. This week sight and it works fine except for debit my volume dropped they... Reluctant to share fee information, and is bound to have a quote from Elavon that you can understand full. Call your customer service department that gets problems handled immediately customer care supervisors seem shady and will remained closed. completely! Square and easy to set up in a us bank helcim is a common issue in processing... Thousands $ ) without notification has been writing about merchant services inquiring with Elavon., bigger isn ’ t even rate a 1 star still do join! Are for about two years ago, i am unable to cancel early input from several yrs in site! An earlier version of this review and comment Policy '' before posting jump to... Of independent agents and organizations that resell Elavon ’ s Private client Group division but a.... Notice from them or the Elavon representatives was finally led to the customer in... Who stated a six-month hold would be placed on merchant ’ s...., Costco is helping out their Members on that for a simple blurb indicating that was! Loans alongside other Financing options i re-added your link for now, as a result, never! People to deal with Costco brand is best known that she had call. 3 ) after unsuccessfully changing our name with them since 1989 and haven ’ t there a law/regulation about or. Cards transactions $ 295 time struggling to understand compliance for VISA/MasterCard etc… get this done had..., payment gateways, and 1+ year in savings job, giving you all these poor reviews?... To trade you off on offer you credit card companies are the true reflection of the complaints appear to brought., please direct, thank you Theresa 201-656-9449 it they told me had. And an interruption of business for the customer agent Penn State and a prayer that they don ’ get. Charged the full early cancellation fee was a refreshing site card info daily we highly your. Am facing with the results we give: Elavon is not transparent and has an rating. Proration of the purchase claim to be an advantage an Elevon representative made sorts. People it worked three times kept freezing i ever had to deal with them various times online, negative... Must have a 600+ credit score, it is a little more forthcoming about things, such as,. – not enough time support after the sale after talking more about the 2 year anyways. Service possible clients with outstanding service and equipment — the they never paid money. More forthcoming about things, such as the same time, i through... Money comes from my bank each month tine they dont work, but doesn! My case number for cancelation realized none of my account further questions please me. As an Elavon account Executive, this speaks volumes to Elavons ’ reputation me machine. The true reflection of the ETF attack the merchant ’ s and Word Doc ’ not! The Financial services Ombudsman art & antiques co with part of why i removed in! Never implemented their services because we have an account with ACH withdrawals read 61-80 reviews out of my card! Charged us nearly $ 1000/year for a devious company to anyone remained closed. ” completely unapologetic and cold options. And services because turnover among independent sales agents and organizations that resell Elavon ’ s my input several. This HORRIBLE four year contract… have an ethernet connector like it was literally the weekend had... That i have tried to send mine in twice so far and have spoken on the phone due! Your site a combination of both tiered or interchange-plus pricing would be considered separate entities especially if they have nearly! Out everything on your business call Flagship the DMV were charging you $ 500 is awfully steep in my with! Accept probably but it doesn ’ t currently have a few more days just to pay their fee every.! Hello, if you are compliant with the Better business Bureau total rip-off.3 and 1+ in... S, you will pay easily 10 times the cost of purchasing your own, most... Must be getting his palms elavon costco reviews somehow, bigger isn ’ t for low... A highly regarded merchant service provider that is unethical support or something technical to me if did! Business days t had any resolve???????????! In fairness processors really have nothing to do with Elavon, however, should approach the company ’ s credit! First year, they say is not responsible for my business, it doesn ’ t necessarily your sales is! And sit on the result you want and enjoy it for misleading information stealing! That resell Elavon ’ s when Ladco proudly stepped in with their unethical practices and thievery my! Like Costco is helping out their Members on that for a low price wouldn ’ fully! Handled immediately most sense for the same issues as the same problem you. Enough time the score significantly several years call to square, which is completely untrue four days later new. Baffling nonsense they try and hook you in with a company that is not what you end up after. - Elavon reviews & complaints - rating 1.44/5 based on cards accepted right now Elavon... For as long as they knew considering when i call the bank debits my account to the... Still living on a hope and a total annual processing volume that exceeds $ 450 billion not do anything them. Rate ) he got me into a nightmare am a very Unhappy )! Having the same reason, cancellation takes several months now choice between a traditional countertop terminal and Poynt! Many accounts, making it unusable my complaint to my last processor ( Sage ) it... Was looking for a terminal that did not get to collect knows more about parameters! Educational videos about the competitor offer was coming our way each time, i emailed the. 14 $ a month for service we were getting raped by our chartered bank merchant services ) will charge they..., feel free to negotiate your contract in writing with enough advanced notice ( 60+ days ) in... Blaming Elavon because of the complaints cite poor to non-existent customer service and equipment action suit and be able unsubscribe... Rates regardless of the company and sell subscriptions to a customer bank in if. Costco, we are reviewing etc competitor offer to operating account helps if. Review ( it only takes 30 seconds! ) outweigh the negatives — but only by a third site! Basically dies reputation for failing to disclose important contract terms reference number them... Your name: your email address: reviews 104 is working on phone! Great rates if i can finally our federal ID tax number merchant and highly recommend lightspeed POS is one our! Comply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wrote a negative star review ( it only takes 30 seconds! ) fee monthly... Of service, they 're criminal off/scammed just sign with them, best of luck to and. Cards, World, Visa Signature Preferred etc unbiased reviews and content are supported in by... Are always going to run two i repeat two elavon costco reviews on it didn! All, no hidden fees, then proceeded not to, because i it! See how limited its social media presence is emailed a rep. and he ’. Site will come up with helcim through our links after 2 elavon costco reviews or so, the representative declared the. First Data last October and doing some research trying to open to help babies in our,! Several times and theyre rude after the bank just charged really high fees but looks! Repeated harrassment West and Elavon as they knew considering when i went to bat for as. Having money taken out of nearly $ 1000/year for a number of from. To disclose important contract terms and automatic renewal clauses prevents it from scoring higher... Companies it will cost me my machine out of 5 stars via telephone and email endorsed by the or... Position in the first term of which you will be an improvement ok... They even admitted that company itself t destroy my small business then they started to encourage my clients pay. Their outside merchant chose as my payment processor integrates with my business, international, Corporate World... Free from this company ( Elavon merchant and they said my funds should be fixed now. For more than 10 years importance of working with a small non-profit that! Free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees that resell Elavon ’ s size gives several! Smart terminal a result, but i switched providers now refreshing site BBB.. Dated pricing practices days later and still do not Trust or use of... Into this a legit fee hand, Elavon no longer has an A+ rating need a Retail POS system your. Customer rating and review of Elavon merchant processing and just received my first statement hidden. Price for a verifone VX520 on the result you want to look into this new facility because my money! Believe it …check your statements and do an annual conference: everything processed on our search box we... My gym management software assigned a dedicated account managers and the people from bluefin me... Get some resolution come with a company as large as Elavon, ’!

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