Atlas Flame Appears Before Fairy Tail. Elfman: What? The members of the guild start feeling an ominous presence around them. Evergreen Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. When she and Elfman sees the flare, Elfman asks about the state of the trial, to which she replies that it would obviously be halted. However, they, along with the rest of Fairy Tail, come back in an attempt to fight Acnologia. When he lost his parakeet as a child, he searched for it for a whole week, but found a different one. At the beginning of the S-Class Trial, Freed Justine chose Bickslow as his partner. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Hearing Elfman's words, Levy stands up and announces that Fairy Tail, who has been divided by the trial, should unite, fight and win. Feb 22, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Betty V.. Search, discover and share your favorite Evergreen GIFs. elfman. However, he soon realizes Natsu's pain, as he is dragged forward to dance by Erza, who spins him crazily, similar to a spinning top. After Makarov yells at Laxus, who had returned to help defeat Hades, Elfman is surprised at how relentless the master can be sometimes. She was lonely and anti-social as a child, due to her eyes being able to turn others into stone when looking into them. Back at camp,  Evergreen sees Laxus has returned, she tells him to punish Elfman for doing "bad things" to her which comically angers Elfman. I loveee theem all but Jerza, Zervis, Nalu and Miraxus aree cutee and cool for me ️. He was around 12 years old at the time. 26 août 2015 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Gerda Kikidis. Alias Kanji エルフマン・ストラウス Elfman and Evergreen. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Elfman is very loving and protective of his sisters Mirajane and Lisanna, going to great lengths to protect them from any sort of danger, even threatening S-Class Mages or people who may even be stronger than himself, such as Bacchus. Evergreen/Elfman Strauss (311) Levy McGarden/Gajeel Redfox (174) Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia (151) Jellal Fernandes/Erza Scarlet (138) Bickslow/Lisanna Strauss (138) Gray Fullbuster/Juvia Lockser (136) Laxus Dreyar/Mirajane Strauss (127) Laxus Dreyar/Freed Justine (70) Romeo Conbolt/Wendy Marvell (47) #fairy tail #Gajeel Redfox #elfman #Evergreen #elfman and evergreen #unpopular opinion #jet #droy #bickslow During this time, Elfman helped Natsu and Lisanna raise an egg they found. Freed commented. - See if you can answer this Fairy Tail trivia question! Casual--Otaku May 8, 2013. elfman is a man. When Elfman looked who it was he became tensed! Elfman, who was still looking for a partner, asked Evergreen after Lisanna pointed out that she had been giving him a passionate gaze for a while, seemingly wanting to be his partner. Discover more posts about bickslow, freed justine, laxus dreyar, fairy tail, void cycles, elfman strauss, and evergreen. Fairy Tail couples . Get full address, contact info, background report and more! As the battle begins, Rustyrose summoned his Guardian Saint Beast: Belcusas the Thunderclap against Elfman and Evergreen. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. But hey, I love it now Elfgreen . Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. When Lisanna expressed her doubts, Evergreen smiled and reassured her by telling her that Elfman is a man who comes through when it counts. E então? Evergreen: You're my boyfriend! Elfman shouts that a man does not excuse intruders, and Evergreen notes all of them as pests. Jul 22, 2014 - Explore Anime Fandoms's board "Evergreen and elfman" on Pinterest. 305 likes. Fairy Tail: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Elfman Strauss Elfman heart just jumped out of his ribs when he heard Evergreen's voice. See more ideas about fairy tail, fairy tail couples, fairy tail ships. Anime. Risley laughs while Romeo gets annoyed at his dad for watching the scene. Also, Elfman calls Evergreen by her nickname, Ever, which is only used by Freed and Bickslow, her team members, as well as Laxus. The big man, dreaming of a manly son, didn't take well that "he" was a "she"! After his older sister, Mirajane, defeated a Demon that terrorised their village and took on its form, Elfman was forced out of the village along with his two siblings. Elfman manages to walk, despite his serious injuries, and carries Evergreen back to the guild's campsite. Kinana put his order and get Evergreen order. Makarov later explains the rules of the "Power and Luck" trial and Elfman and Evergreen race with their guild mates in order to be the first one to choose a path. Evergreen is vain, confident, and very demanding of her teammates and friends to fulfill everything to her expectations. Both Elfman and Evergreen freak out, as Mirajane claims that she doesn't plan to go easy on them, and has already entered her Satan Soul form, ready to fight. She dislikes devils as in opposition to fairies, and she likes flowers and statues (her room in Fairy Hills is full of them), her perfect men have to fit both of it. But hey, I love it now Elfgreen . Elfman tells the group that their opponents are too strong and that he is pathetic for not being able to protect his sisters and his partner. Elfman. Falling off the heart, Natsu angrily breaks the ice with his fire, causing a huge explosion and resulting in the entire water park being destroyed. He observed Evergreen then said "She is a woman..," and even blushed. Cana … buntot ng engkanto. added by LenTao. En effet, son bras droit absorbe la magie de ceux qu'il a vaincus. I actually ship this. litrato. Read Evergreen and Elfman from the story Fairy Tail Texts by NinjaGo_KJLCZ (・ 。Skya・ 。) with 4,971 reads. The band, with frontman Danny Elfman, made an ’80s sound that was fun, different, and decidedly cool. Elfman Faces-Off with Evergreen. Elfman and Evergreen manage to beat Mirajane by telling her that they are engaged before knocking her out in her moment of shock. The Raijin Tribe: The biggest shippers of Elfman and Evergreen. Elfman Evergreen. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yasumoto in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Christopher R. Sabat and Anastasia Munoz as a child in the English version of the anime. Psyched with the opportunity to become Fiore's Number one guild again, they head off to train. Gray Fullbuster added by Soul_Dragneel. Deu tudo cer- -Evergreen chuta a cara do Elfman- Evergreen: Não fique me usando de isca só porque eu posso voar! Elfman chooses Evergreen as his partner and the two join the other participants and their partners on the ship towards Tenrou Island. The back of his jacket is adorned by large, light kanjis, which read “The greatest" (一番), and the jacket itself seems to be worn over a light red shirt, sometimes seemingly replaced by an A-shirt covered in many vertical lines. Catching Mirajane in the streets just as she was about to leave them, Elfman promised that they would protect each other with their powers, convincing his sister to stay. "But still you are affected?" Faerie (Aether) Für "Fluffle Fantasy (Faerie)" werden nun Mitglieder gesucht.-Ken Akita. 222, pg. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Elfman x Evergreen and company. Pozri si komix Elfman a Evergreen. Browse through and read elfman x evergreen stories and books After Wendy Marvell doesn't show up in time to be a part of the Games, Elfman decides to participate in her place, and he assists Team Natsu with getting through the Sky Labyrinth. In another part of the island, Mirajane explained to Erza, Juvia, and Lisanna how Elfman and Evergreen were able to beat her. We found 2 entries for Samuel Elfman in the United States. Why? Natsu and Lucy Jellal and Erza Gray and Juvia Zeref and Mavis. 7. Status Tras el exilio de Laxus, ella y sus compañeros de equipo comenzaron a abrirse más y más al resto del Gremio. You are commenting using your account. foto. The two Mages protest their ideals and continue to battle. En ce moment, Eve… When the second trial to find Mavis Vermilion's grave begins, Elfman and Evergreen run into one of the pig-like wild animals on the island. Fairy Tail - Elfman x Evergreen. added by pjwoww. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Find Samuel Elfman in the United States. Gajeel and Levy Laxus and Mirajane Elfman and Evergreen Azlack and Bisca. Evergreen counters this by rewriting the rune barrier, saying that because she has been with Freed for such a long time, she knows how to rewrite runes of this caliber. This Fairy Tail picha might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono. Elfmans Magie basiert auf dem Take Over, so kann er sich zum Beispiel in eine riesige Bestie verwandeln oder nur beliebige Körperteile einsetzen. How dare Fried choose Bixlow over her! See more ideas about fairy tail couples, fairy tail ships, fairy tail. She wore navy blue stockings along with white sandals, and carried around a feathered purple fan with three hearts on it. Evergreen currently has her hair let down in curls, and wears a revealing green dress with a rose pattern on it. Fanpop quiz: What is the technique of Elfman and Evergreen to win against Mirajane ? Chap. Evergreen's dream is to become a fairy, and she will do anything to attain that goal, even battling her fellow guild mates to show them of how ambitious she can be. 4. Grace. Browse through and read or take elfman x evergreen stories, quizzes, and other creations She believes that they lied to beat her, but then imagines them having a very ugly child, which causes her to cry. Elfman x Evergreen.jpg. They roll down a tunnel and back out into the wild with Elfman's body on top of Evergreen's. Meanwhile, Gray and Lyon start to fight on the slide and as a result end up freezing the park and everyone in it except Natsu. Evergreen will be all on board after that. elfman and evergreen Featured on:Elfman, Evergreen and Elfman and Evergreen Erza and Evergreen continue elfman and evergreen mira, Evergreen vs Elfman Elfman Meanwhile Elfman and Evergreen Elfman tries to calm her down Elfman y Evergreen estan Molly - Elfman x Evergreen by Elfman e Evergreen. Elfman and Evergreen. This Fairy Tail تصویر might contain داغ گلاس ونڈو, داغ گلاس دریچہ, ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک. Nonetheless, the two easily dispatch all of them in their immediate vicinity. Race Beast Arm Elfman Elfman and Evergreen Meet Rustyrose. picha of Elfman and Evergreen for mashabiki of anime 32565570 Elfman Strauss (エルフマン・ストラウス Erufuman Sutorausu) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, and the brother of Mirajane Strauss and Lisanna Strauss. Elfman gaped. elfman. yahoo201027. 4. Elfman and Evergreen Despite his huge ego, he is always very kind. Fanpop Poll Results: Which of these 15 pairings is your favorite? Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Behemoth (Primal) Den Blogeintrag „For Dravania“ veröffentlicht.-Keki Hime. When Freed, Bickslow, Lisanna, Pantherlily and Levy are caught by Rustyrose in his Tower of Dingir, Bickslow uses his Figure Eyes to take control of Elfman, who attacks Rustyrose and releases Bickslow and the others from Rustyrose's Magic, resulting in Rustyrose's defeat at the hands of Freed and Lisanna. Evergreen was pissed off at him because he chose Bickslow instead of her. Elle portait des collants bleus marines avec des sandales blanches, et avait un éventail pourpre orné trois cœurs et au sommet de cet éventail il y avait des plumes. #fairy tail #elfgreen #elfman #evergreen #raijin #fairytail. Shortly afterwards, while on the ship leading the S-Class Candidates to Tenrou Island, he wore a dark fundoshi with the front covered by a large cloth adorned by a white kanji, and he later donned dark pants alongside his standard sandals while remaining bare-chested. Most of Elfman’s attires have a Japanese look to them. However, Evergreen still manages to defeat and petrifies him. Elfman Evergreen ist bei Facebook. Follow. Just after Zeref disappears, Evergreen expresses concern for the exam. While he is initially disadvantaged because of Evergreen's Stone Eyes, he transforms using his Beast Soul Take Over, and blindfolds himself to avoid eye contact. He is surprised that there were people on the island. I used to not like Evergreen, but now i think she's kinda cute with Elfman :D oh i don't really think much about Bickslow/Bixslow either. Character foto of Elfman and Evergreen for fans of fairy tail 32584711 texts, zeref, natsu. Evergreen and Elfman. Elfman and Evergreen wonder how he got here since they know he's not in the guild. A sa première apparition, elle avait une queue-de-cheval sur le côté et portait une robe grise (verte dans l'anime) qui avait des ailes mobiles à l'arrière de celle-ci. Bixlo wiggled his tongue and then his babies flew around them and saying "Jealous" "Urusai! Elfman Strauss is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. The spell was powerful enough to defeat Elfman while he was in his Beast Soul: Full-Body Take Over. Fairy Tail: Laxus Dreyar Vs Elfman Strauss For Best Fairy Tail Wizard Jan 30, 2014 - Never saw this ship coming. If you’re a GenX’er, that name probably brings up memories of Dead Man’s Party in Back to School or the title track for Weird Science. This pair is also known as Eleen, ElfEver or EverMan. Fairy Bomb: Gremlin: Evergreen surrounds the target with dust particles, and then ignites them to create a powerful explosion. Elfman becomes determined to save his sister and runs out into Magnolia Town with the rest of the guild to find Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe. When he was younger, he was quiet, shy and kind. Elfman and Evergreeen at the Campsite. In the S-Class trial, they ran into Mirajane, whom they narrowly escaped from after Evergreen shocks her with the statement that they were going to get married. They're so precious (: You drew them so wonderfully ^^ Reply. You only live once, so I want to let this lotus... Fairy Tail - Perfect Match, Elfman and Evergreen Down the Love Love Slider by MoonlightNekoGirl on deviantART, Elfman & Evergreen (vs Rustyrose) Fairy Tail, Chap. Read Elfman and Evergreen from the story Fairy Tail Texts by Shimerleaf (Fairy_Mavis) with 864 reads. Mirajane's Imagination of Elfman and Evergreen's Baby. During his rampage, Elfman hit Lisanna with great force, throwing her a great distance. Their interactions are somewhat hilarious, as Evergreen is always shown hitting or scolding Elfman, mostly because of his 'Manly' comments or outbursts. See a recent post on Tumblr from @thenicestthings about evergreen. During this time, out of all his siblings, Elfman was the only one who couldn't do a Full-Body Take Over, something which depressed him greatly, as he was supposed to "be a man". Bixlow was an insufferable fool, powerful no doubt, but … Jan 30, 2014 - Never saw this ship coming. Numerous Grimoire Heart members then emerge from bubbles in the sky and prepare to fight the two. At the beginning of the Tenrou Island arc, Elfman, while retaining his sandals, switched to a light kimono shirt with elbow-long sleeves, mostly covered in dark, elongated spots and held closed around the waist by a similarly dark sash, and loose dark pants reaching down below his knees. Evergreen said. Elfman erschien das erste Mal in der Folge 2, als Lucy Heartfilia der Gilde beitrat. >:(Elfman: Well, if you wanna be manly like me, you gotta learn how to take care of yourself. Which couple do you prefer? At the guild, Makarov moves to introduce Gildarts as the fifth master, only to discover that he has left them a note declining the position and gone to travel again, though not before allowing Laxus to once again join the guild and handing Makarov the title straight back. When he was younger, Elfman donned a more elegant, Western-looking attire, consisting of a black suit over a white shirt, with a red papillon around the neck, and polished dark shoes. They later joined the Fairy Tail Guild, and quickly fit in with the excitable guild. Her name is Molly, first daughter of Elfman and Evergreen. added by LenTao. However, despite their teamwork, Rustyrose's Arc of Embodiment overpowers and defeats them with an explosion. Elfman: E aí. A sensei & delinquent couple!!" As a child, it was her dream to be a fairy, so she joined Fairy Tail only for the name, with no interest in other things. Bickslow also commented that Evergreen must be desiring to go back to Elfman, when they were keeping a watch on Raven Tail. Natsu Saves Elfman and Evergreen from the Attack. Elfman and Evergreen. (Former) - Read the results on this poll and other Anime polls, Elfman & Evergreen from Fairy Tail. evergreen. Evergreen (エバーグリーン Ebāgurīn) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and the only female member of the Thunder God Tribe. Evergreen and her teammates become overjoyed of with Laxus' return to the guild. Ebāgurīn エバーグリーン Based off of Chapter 298 of the manga, the Fairy Tail gang along with a bunch of other guilds head to Ryuuzetsu Land (swimming pool resort) on the third day of the Grand Magic Games. After waking up, Elfman saw Evergreen sleeping beside him. She battled and resented Erza Scarlet simply because her nickname is "Titania" (Queen of the Fairies). That he's sister's recognized it? evergreen. See more ideas about Fairy tail couples, Fairy tail ships, Fairy tail love. ‎This article is currently under construction. Reply. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Foto of Elfman and Evergreen for Fans of Fairy Tail 33137340 His long white hair is kept styled upwards in long, wavy spikes, and his dark eyes possess no visible eyebrows, and his rectangular, elongated face has a stitched scar running down its right side, crossing his right eye. ㅡLisanna Evergreen/Elfman Strauss (349) Levy McGarden/Gajeel Redfox (188) Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia (164) Jellal Fernandes/Erza Scarlet (151) Bickslow/Lisanna Strauss (150) Gray Fullbuster/Juvia Lockser (149) Laxus Dreyar/Mirajane Strauss (139) Laxus Dreyar/Freed Justine (72) Romeo Conbolt/Wendy Marvell (54) Rogue Cheney/Sting Eucliffe (40) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (48) Romance (39) Angst … Ses longs cheveux blancs sont maintenus vers le haut. Elfman sighed since the magic tournament ends and the Fairy Tail stopped the plan of resurrecting Zeref they gained the title they deserved to be No.1 guild in whole Fiore not only for their strengths but for their team fighting spirits to overcome every challenges. by: SmurfLuvsCookies. Evergreen has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I draw stuff but barely post OTL Visit my store: Laxus is cool with it. As the first trial starts, everyone is still on the boat, and Freed sets up a rune barrier that prevents anyone from leaving the boat for five minutes. Photo of Elfman and Evergreen for fans of Fairy Tail 32584711 His usual outfit resembles that worn by fictional, Japanese high-school hooligans: it consists of a dark blue jacket with purplish blue inners, held closed on the front by a line of large buttons, with similar buttons on the sleeves’ back and the zip located on the high collar left open. Elfman, Evergreen, and everyone else runs away in tears, as Makarov continues to battle the beast. added by LenTao. If you don't want me to make you a stone!" Fairy MagicEye Magic (Stone Eyes)Letter Magic He agrees to leave them alone, but suddenly he feels the death praying coming. Soon after, a loud cry of a Dragon reaches their ears, the cry of the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia. Cancel. anime, stingyu, gale. As all of the Fairy Tail members hold hands, Acnologia finally destroys Tenrou Island with its attack, decimating the island and seemingly vaporizing everyone. Photo of Evergreen and Elfman for fans of Fairy Tail 34495197 Mirajane just smiles, and wonders if Laxus will remain exiled now. Eventually the Dragon flies into the air and prepares its final attack to destroy the island. A gray circle that kills anything in it starts to form around him and approaches Evergreen and Elfman. This allows Elfman and Evergreen to bypass the rune barrier and head toward the island without any problems. Elfman and Evergreen. She then announces, along with the rest of the Thunder God Tribe, that they are going to find out who is the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. Elfman Carrying an Injured Evergreen. anime, stingyu, gale. She pushes him off and reminds him that they just pretended to be engaged to beat Mirajane in the last trial and to not start thinking that she actually liked him. Browse through and read elfman x evergreen fanfiction stories and books After returning from Edolas, Makarov starts the Annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and announces Elfman as one of the eight participants. Il maitrise la magie de type aspirateur. Evergreen/Elfman Strauss (349) Levy McGarden/Gajeel Redfox (188) Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia (164) Jellal Fernandes/Erza Scarlet (151) Bickslow/Lisanna Strauss (150) Gray Fullbuster/Juvia Lockser (149) Laxus Dreyar/Mirajane Strauss (139) Laxus Dreyar/Freed Justine (72) Romeo Conbolt/Wendy Marvell (54) added by pjwoww. Evergreen and Elfman love. Elfman and Evergreen were next seen holding each other, falling down onto the love slider. See more ideas about fairy tail, fairy tail couples, fairy tail ships. DenasiaTheKat Jun 6, 2013. This caring nature of his, which was under-appreciated by many members at the time, became quite useful for his younger sister Lisanna and Natsu though, as he looked after Happy's egg before it hatched. The man and the fairy welcome you to the page :D ¡¡¡ EverxElfman and Fairy Tail posts, but also from other animes Male ElfGreen/Image Gallery. Fairy Tail Celebrating Their Victory. your own Pins on Pinterest 210; "A perfect match? It's close to be true. Fried and Bixlow were going to parish. ". After reading Gildarts' words on wanting Fairy Tail to be number one again, the guild express their doubt at ever reaching their former rank, though Romeo suddenly steps forward and announces that he knows how to, through the upcoming Grand Magic Games which will be held in three months. I thought that with EverGREEN, ELFman and sort of this family should have been very Irish! Evergreen is woman who loves fairies and butterflies, at first she was arrogant and vain woman, however she is loyal towards her teammates and allies, It was not until she was defeated that she colud finally see the errors of her ways and redeeme herself, as seen when she and Elfman were defeated, and she tearfully apologized to him, blaming the entire ordeal on … Ever Green est une jeune femme aux cheveux châtains et les yeux bruns foncés. Fairy Tail, Chapter 279: A Door Sunken into Darkness. They are seen by Lucy, much to the former's dismay. google Elfman And Evergreen yahoo Elfman And Evergreen mages images at 3:08 PM. Elfman, Evergreen, and Everyone Else Arrived Just in Time, After Hades is defeated by Team Natsu, Wendy, Carla, Pantherlily and Laxus, Elfman and Evergreen along with other injured Fairy Tail Mages, scaring off the remaining Grimoire Heart Mages who were going to attack Natsu and the others. Then silence. usuitakumi77. During the battle against the dragons Elfman worried about Evergreen fighting a dragon telling her: "You better be safe.". Note: The events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. 20 (X784) Children Active At first, he was flustered, but as he calmed down, he seemed pleased and said that she was a 'Woman', which was considered a large step in their relationship (since for Elfman, the world seems to consist of his sisters, and the rest are just men, including all the other females). Elfman Strauss ist ein Magier der GildeFairy Tailund der Bruder von LisannaundMirajane Strauss. When Elfman was in the infirmary, Bickslow often asked Elfman if he would like Evergreen to sleep with him. Evergreen returns to Magnolia Town during the Miss Fairy Tail Contest and petrifies Miss Fairy Tail girls -including Mirajane- in a scheme set up by Laxus. Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun: Evergreen waves her arms, releasing a torrent of energy needles made from concentrated dust. Evergreen just wasn't sure how yet. Commenter. It's Evergreen! After three months of training in the mountains with his sisters and Cana, not only have Elfman's hair and sideburns grown longer, but he has also grown much more muscular physically. Jul 22, 2014 - Explore Anime Fandoms's board "Evergreen and elfman" on Pinterest. … Asura (Mana) Den Blogeintrag „新生エオルゼアから漆黒のヴィランズ:パッチ5.3が終わるまで何時間掛 … Human Elfman and Evergreen are later seen resting alongside Mirajane and Gajeel, attempting to recover their wounds. Due to Mirajane's self-imposed isolation, however, Elfman and Lisanna took to learning Take Over magic as well, so that their older sibling would no longer feel alone. Elfman, along with other contestants, and Gajeel, are shocked, but Elfman admits later that even men have their limits. foto of Elfman and Evergreen for fan of Fairy Tail 32584735 Reply. Elfman seated at the counter and ordered his usual manly drink. Vietnamese. Age He always uses the word "man" as a self-proclaimed image of himself, and as perhaps an odd guide for others to follow. Take Over (Beast Soul) Elfman: How am I supposed to help? Aunque bastante vanidosa y orgullosa, se responsabiliza por las cosas, como se ve cuando ella y Elfman fueron derrotados, y con lágrimas en los ojos, se disculpó con él culpándose a sí misma. Some time ago, Elfman was notably shy and weak, with his only real talent being for cooking. "Are you jealous?" Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Elfman Evergreen und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Elfman est un homme extrêmement musclé et grand, il est d'ailleurs le plus grand de la guilde.

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