& 1974 Challengers | 2008 1970 dodge challenger: the wheels..tilt..bushings..ball joints I have a 1970 dodge challenger,the last couple of years the top of the wheels have started to tilt in. Most of the fancy trim pieces (Moulding group A) that were optional on the other cars came as standard on the SE. 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 4 sp Alpine White 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 4 sp GoManGo Green 1971 Dart Sport, Dart Light package ... All shipped without boxes as they were packed in Styrofoam bricks holding 12 or 24 plugs depending on the customer's specs. the chrome exhaust tips. And for an extra 14 Dollars you could have one of these High Impact I decided to accept the ultimate challenge by creating my fantasy car. Randy. Getting my car aligned tomorrow and would like some input. Dodge Challenger TA. The Challenger T/A 340 block and heads were unique castings for this model only. For normal street/highway driving, toe-in helps with steering stability. Two gear ratios were available: 3.54:1 and 4.10:1. There were four Challenger models for 1971. //-->, ChallengerSpecs.com - Dodge Challenger Specifications, Introduction Width: 76.5 inches. fwiw - Hotchkis told me the following specs when using the Hotchkis Upper Control arms and Tie Rods. This unit features overhead valve valve gear, a 90 degree V 8 cylinder layout, and 2 valves per cylinder. Dodge Challenger 1970, Front Upper Alignment Camber Bolt Kit by Proforged®. callipers. Hemi cars fitted with a manual gearbox came with the huge 9.75 inch Dana 60 "SureGrip" axle as standard. Use the vertical and horizontal adjustment screws to move the pattern as required. More subtle than aggressive, it still delivers a big block punch with a stout 383, suggesting that if you have the proverbial big stick, walking softly is purely optional. | 1972 Challenger | 1973 These were standard on the R/T and convertible. until the start of the 1973 model year. This was done to reduce steering effort. Let the dealer check the alignment and adjust it.Ask the dealer for the print out of the before and after specs and post them up.Welcome aboard. Also, two 340 cubic inch V-8s, three 383 cubic inch V-8s, two 440 cubic inch V-8s and the very popular 426 cubic inch HEMI. Chrysler's E-body twins, the Cuda and the Challenger, remain A-list muscle and this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T offers all the explanation you'll need. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts ... A forum community dedicated to all Dodge Challenger owners and enthusiasts. 15 16 17. Models with dual exhausts could have a rear valance panel with cut-outs for Dodge Challengers. A simulated wire (W15), deep dish (W13), or deluxe (W11) wheel cover could be found on most JH Challengers with 14" wheels. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, Hemi Mopar power, power-adders, and more! GAA Classic Cars Auction. And the published (FSM) alignment specs were, generally, very good. 4) in 1970, the model with 2-door hardtop coupe body and V-8 5563 cm3 / 339.4 cui engine size, 216 kW / 294 PS / 290 hp (SAE.) The factory TSB announcing the availability of FM3 and FJ6 is dated 24th Feb 1970. Asked by Wiki User. Click on one of the links below for The rear suspension consists of a live axle on asymmetrical semi-elliptical leaf springs. Some even had 'special order' colours.