After using the dissolved remains of a Miles Warren clone to make it seem he had perished, Ben escaped the building and stole a Webware to stabilize his own body. Following this, he lived for a short time in Italy, where he worked as an English teacher, but he was forced to leave after a Mafia boss discovered Reilly's past after his daughter expressed an interest in Reilly. Spider-Man dropped Ben's body into a smokestack, unable to think of any other way to deal with a dead body identical to Peter Parker. [48] Reilly's reflexes and stamina operate up to 40 times faster than an average person's, while his strength allows him to lift 150 times his own weight (approximate limit of 10 tons). The Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the clone. [volume & issue needed], When Reilly goes searching for the baby, he is attacked by the Green Goblin, who is revealed to be Harry Osborn and working with Kaine. Unhealthily obsessed with his late student Gwen Stacy, who died at the hands of the Green Goblin, Professor Miles Warren attempts to clone her. After leaving the Jackal to die (metaphorically and literally), Ben set out to pave a new future for himself. Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Vol. Ben concedes he has no desire to be Spider-Man again since he has evolved into a different person. 2 - Death's Sting by Peter David 9780785194590. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018. Image: André Lima Araújo, Rachalle Rosenberg (Marvel) Advertisement. [48] Not long after that, Reilly was forced into an alliance with one of his former clients from New U, influential businesswoman Cassandra Mercury, whose terminally-ill daughter Abigail had been one of the many people replaced with healthy clones by the Jackal. Ben eventually becomes a photojournalist in Chicago, where he also operates as the hero known as "the Red Mask". Kaine then reveals that Janine was also drugged to appear dead and after a long anguish filled battle, Ben convinced Kaine to stop attacking them; and give himself in. The creature itself being created from a combination of Peter Parker and Curt Conner's DNA with traces of the Venom suit's genetic material as well. 1996: Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) with venom containment gear, featured as an action figure by ToyBiz. Out of the ashes of The Clone Conspiracy, Ben Reilly is alive as soon as once more – and has taken up the mantle of the Scarlet Spider as soon as extra! But with enemies bearing down on him from every side, neither of those status quos might last for too much longer! Between November and December 1995, the Scarlet Spider replaced Spider-Man in all five of the comics' titles, which were renamed The Amazing Scarlet Spider, Web of Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spider, Scarlet-Spider Unlimited, and The Spectacular Scarlet Spider. Refusing to accept this, Peter beat Raptor unconscious, while affirming his and Reilly's innocence and the fact that they would never murder anyone. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018. By. [34], As the Jackal, Ben started laying a network of influence across the United States, using New U's cloning procedure to bring back to life the loved ones of members of government, law enforcement agencies, medical institutions, and even the media. The purpose of the miniseries was to tell the story as it was initially conceived. Rather than attempt to replace Parker, he leaves New York to embark on a nomadic life, dubbing himself "Ben Reilly" as a nod to Peter Parker's uncle Ben Parker and the maiden surname of his Aunt May. Ben was the final clone, following the experiments of Kaine, Scorpion, and Spider-Slayer. Ben Reilly is a perfect copy of Spider-Man, created by his arch-enemy, Norman Osborn. Due to these advances, Reilly's web-shooters are bulkier than Parker's, so he wears them on the outside of his costumes. Impressed, Death heals Kaine and Abigail and removes Ben's scars. The other day, I wrote an article about how little sense it made for Ben Reilly to have survived the original Clone Saga, because the original comics didn't just kill him, they went waaaaaaaay overboard in killing him, to the point where you just couldn't realistically expect anyone to ever bring him back to life, so seeing how they came up with a way to bring him back is fascinating to me in how they tried to explain … [26] Soon after this confrontation, Seward Trainer disappeared as Peter was trying to research his background, and Ben was framed for arson when the Grind was burned down. After his encounter with the cosmic entity Death, the scars were removed but would return if he behaved in corrupt ways. Your soul is at risk, Ben Reilly. 2008: Ben Reilly, in his redesigned Spider-Man costume, was featured as a figure in the Ares Build-A-Figure series of, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 11:48. [60] However, when Ben was about to inject the cure on Abigail on her deathbed, a lesser demon posing as Mephisto[61] acted on Ben's defiance. A robot will make the necessary page moves once any discussions are resolved. Ben Reilly is one of the heroes on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ben's body degenerated into dust immediately after his death, proving that he was the clone after all, and not Peter Parker. The character returned and featured prominently in the 1994–96 "Clone Saga" storyline, adopting the "Scarlet Spider" alias. Reilly and Parker bond after Kaine attacks them, and Reilly decides to stay in New York, pretending to be Peter's blonde-haired cousin so that he can build his own life. The first issue introduces readers to the characters Ben Reilly and Kaine, and addresses Mary Jane's pregnancy and Aunt May's hospitalization. Please watch: "The Hydra Avengers (Secret Empire Vol 1)"! Reimagined as an antihero, he first hopes to escape his past then embarks on a spiritual quest to redeem himself. Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. She blames the wall-crawling vigilante not only for taking away her parent, but for his death during another encounter with Spider-Man, unwilling to believe it was simply a heart attack brought on by stress. David Brooke. When he was created, Ben Reilly had brown hair. [23], During the 1996 DC vs. Marvel inter-company crossover, Ben Reilly winds up in the parallel reality of DC Comics. Ben, like all of Peter's clones, did not set off Peter's Spider-Sense and vice versa. February 6, 2018 . When the Jackal reveals another stage of his plan, to clone Gwen Stacy and another unknown figure, Kaine goes berserk and breaks himself, Parker and Reilly free. Death taking to Ben Reilly about baseball in Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #11. Editor Danny Fingeroth directed the Spider-Man artists to design a costume for the character which would stand out from conventional superhero costumes by emphasizing simple functionality rather than flash. The character returned to the comics during the "Clone Saga", which ran from October 1994 to December 1996 through all five of the concurrent Spider-Man titles — The Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, and The Spectacula… [27] Not long afterward, Peter is accidentally transported to Counter-Earth where he finds the believed-to-be-dead Avengers and Fantastic Four still alive, joining them on their return home. He returns to New York City, leading to a confrontation with the original Peter Parker, who at this time is bitter, angry, and prone to violent rages following recent traumatic events. Benjamin "Ben" Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider, is Peter Parker's clone and a hero from Marvel Comics. Although most people accepted that the 'new' Spider-Man was the same person as the old one, various heroes and villains learned the truth, including Black Cat, Silver Sable, Firestar, Sandman, Venom, the Human Torch, Daredevil, Mysterio, Cyclops, Storm, Angel, Iceman, and Wolverine. $15.99. The Jackal started a fire to burn what was left of New U's resources and attacked Ben, but was ultimately defeated and buried under the wreckage of the burning house. £10.16 . [42] Abigail ascends to an angelic level of existence and decides to resurrect him since Mephisto overstepped his bounds by arranging the man to die earlier than he should. Reilly managed to break free from the shackles used to restrain him and attacked Warren, almost killing him. He is seen battling the zombies; however, this plan falls apart. And I thought, if we can clone Gwen, we can certainly clone Peter. Ben is then resurrected in a new clone body, his mind healed and restored. It was later revealed Kaine had committed the murder and due to being a clone, they thought it was Peter's fingerprint on the skeleton. Spider-sense helps against enemies excluding Venom, Benjamin "Ben" Reilly (/ˈraɪli/), also known as the Scarlet Spider, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Parker retires and hands the Spider-Man identity to Reilly. Trainer also helped Ben by providing him with fake references to find work. While you enjoy our new look and all the great new features, rest assured that we haven’t changed any of the 4.7 million notices or our usual outstanding levels of service. [65] Jennix consumed Ben, but was driven insane by being forced to relive the memories of his 27 deaths and resurrections. He’s a bit crazy, a bit of a loose cannon, and very willing to commit terrible acts of violence if need be. 3 Reasons Why: ‘Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. They were both alive. Ben took on the identity of the Jackal, impersonating the real Miles Warren, and created New U Technologies with the intention to use Warren's new cloning technology for good. 4. strength. Peter David. Ben was resurrected a 28th time by Otto, who revealed he and Ben had planned for this to happen; and Ben stated it had given him a clean slate. In the fight, only one could survive in order to save Ned Leeds from a bomb. Reilly Bernard (Ben) Peacefully, at the Brantford General Hospital with family at his side, on Sunday, November 22, 2015 in his 84th year. [41] However, when the "cured" Jerry Salteres triggered his spider-sense, Peter became suspicious of New U, and had his ally the Prowler investigate their base of operations at San Francisco. However, after being brought back to life through Miles Warren's new and experimental cloning procedure, Reilly's body suffered from cellular degradation, requiring him to ingest a pill he created daily in order to keep it at bay. [8] Spider-Man retrieved the "corpse" and buried him at a industrial chimney. After Peter and Mary Jane return to New York, Ben realizes Seward Trainer has been working with Gaunt for years. [volume & issue needed], Reilly and Parker later work with Kaine to reach the lair of the shadowy figure responsible for infecting Mary Jane and Aunt May with a deadly genetic virus. When the new body has problems with cellular degradation, Warren kills Ben and tries again. Reilly initially died sacrificing himself to intercept a Goblin Glider and save Peter Parker in Spider-Man Vol 1 #75. 2 - Death's Sting: David, Peter, Bagley, Mark: Books To take revenge on Parker, Warren becomes the Jackal and attempts to clone the hero as well. However, Peter allowed Ben to take over his life so he could live quietly with Mary Jane and his children. A signal is activated that destabilizes the bodies of the reanimates, meaning the new airborne Carrion virus will now activate in most if not all of them. Peter got a job at the Daily Bugle, using Ben's predicament as Spider-Man as a way of getting good cash. The events of the issue were later revisited in several comics such as What If #30. Ben Reilly's death actually stuck for an impressive amount of time, lasting about 20 years before he was brought back in the Clone Conspiracy arc in 2016. [66], Ben returned to Las Vegas where he fought Conan and Nyla Skin, thinking they were bad guys, but they were able to knock him out. Tricking Warren into thinking he was a clone, Reilly convinced him and his clones to work for him in return for the pills he created to keep the cellular degeneration at bay. Reilly manages to warn Peter of the danger, but gets speared through the back by the glider before falling off the rooftop to the streets far below. 1997: Spider-Carnage featured as an action figure by ToyBiz in the, 2002: The Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) was a. Death warned Ben that his many passings through the afterlife had corrupted his soul, though it would eventually heal in due time to the point he could return to being the hero he once was; however, one more death and resurrection would forever contaminate his soul. [42][43], The Jackal later brought back to life the late wife of John Jonah Jameson to use his news chain for publicity,[41] as well as countless of friends and foes of Spider-Man. Reilly returned to the lab, where Doc Ock and Ben's hostage Anna Maria Marconi had discovered it was a specific type of frequency which caused the cellular decay, and an inverse frequency could stop the decay altogether. [52], In an unusual turn of events, Ben was confronted by the personification of Death itself, who had become fixated on Reilly due to the many times he had died and come back to life. In the fight, only one could survive in order to save Ned Leeds from a bomb. Let us know in the comments section! Mostly, he didn't use these powers. [44] Octavius begrudgingly agrees then later offers Ben to the Inheritors in exchange for leaving other Spiders alone. This Scarlet Spider costume was designed by artist Tom Lyle.[2]. The character returned and featured pro… The Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the clone. Ben defeated him and put a stop to his plans.[24]. [19], Ben's life and work are targeted by Hobgoblin on orders of Spider-Man's old enemy Mendel Stromm, now called Gaunt. Having realized that Ben possessed power but not responsibility, Peter reprimanded him, prompting Ben to order the villains he had brought back to attack him. He adopts a mask of Anubis and as the new Jackal he improves process the cloning process, now seeing his new clone creations as "reanimates," continuations of the original person rather than simply copies. The mysterious villain is revealed to be the Jackal, who captures all three and reveals his plans to make an army of Spider-Man clones in order to take over the world. "We know of what Madame Web and Death spoke to you of. Spider-Man's clone, created by the Jackal, who returned years later to turn Peter Parker's life upside down! Related. [35] At one point, Ben also resurrected Gwen Stacy, offering her a place in his circle because he couldn't "trust himself with this." When Venom (Eddie Brock) goes on a rampage, Reilly decides to stop him, donning a red bodysuit along with a blue spider hoodie he buys at a museum. For all your faults with Peter Parker, you do idolize him. Finally, Ben unmasked and revealed his identity to Peter. Reilly's fate is unknown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Out of the ashes of The Clone Conspiracy, Ben Reilly is alive once again - and has taken up the mantle of the Scarlet Spider once more! [32][33], Ben Reilly appears as part of the 2015 All-New, All-Different Marvel branding, in the form of the mysterious man in a brilliant red suit with a mask of Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god of death. It is a condensed version of the Clone Saga without the plot points involving Traveler, Scrier, and covers several months of a fictional time period. [3] The artists worked on costume ideas independently, and according to Mark Bagley, Tom Lyle's "hoodie" design won unanimous approval among them. Following Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, Ben had scarring on his face and body. Benjamin "Ben" Reilly, the first major version of the Scarlet Spider, is a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal. Peter's on death's door, and Mary Jane and Ben Reilly are powerless to do anything about it. Later, Delgado accompanies Cloak and Dagger to visit Dagger's mother, Melissa Bowen. Initially fearing the consequences of Death's warning, Ben quickly discovered that he had been driven sociopathic due to the damage to his soul, and he enjoyed it. [60] In this particular universe, Peter Parker's powers did not return, with Peter remaining in Oregon while Ben has developed into a far lighter character without the burden of Peter's past, particularly aided by the string of successes that he had as Spider-Man, including saving Marla Jameson from Alistair Smythe and preventing Doctor Octopus from taking his body. His reanimates seem improved in many ways but carry a latent from of a new Carrion virus in their cells. "SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Costa Assembles 'Scarlet Spiders' For 'Spider-Verse, "The Scarlet Spider's '90s Animated Debut Wasn't in an Episode of Spider-Man", "Spider Wars, Part One – I Really, Really Hate Clones review", "Spider Wars, Part Two – Farewell Spider-Man review", "Spider-Man: Homecoming Concept Art Reveals Scarlet Spider Suit Design". Out of the ashes of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Ben Reilly is alive once more — and he’s retaken the mantle of the Scarlet Spider! … It didn’t matter whether or not either of them was the clone. He starts a relationship with Jessica Carradine, a student at Centennial University with a personal vendetta against Spider-Man, convinced the hero is a murderer. Since Reilly is the only stable clone, the Jackal takes a sample of his blood to perfect his cloning technique. [28], Ben Reilly is killed... for the time being. As part of Ben's plan to slowly convince Peter Parker to join his enterprise, he had New U doctor Rita Clarkson enter in contact with Peter Parker to offer him to save the life of his step-uncle Jay Jameson. While Mary Jane is poisoned and loses her child in stillbirth, the original Green Goblin fights Parker. When Spider-Man reached the tagged jacket, he was attacked by Kaine. Trainer helps Ben re-establish his life, and Ben sees Trainer as a father figure. During gang warfare between the second Doctor Octopus and Alistair Smythe, a holographic duplicate of the Scarlet Spider ruins Reilly's costumed reputation with a vicious rampage. The actual published title is "Even if I Live...I Die!". Afterwards, Ben assaulted Kaine and fatally injured him, threatening him to leave Las Vegas if he survived. [53] Although he learned that his restoration by Death came at the price of regaining his scars if he compromised his heroism,[54] Reilly collected himself to confront the newly-reformed Slingers and their accusation of his recent beating of a man responsible for stealing food from the Mercury Casino. This is the best path you have for redemption. Ben is running out of options and running out of time! Abigail assures him he's still a hero at heart and Ben awakes in a body bag in an ambulance, immediately escaping, leaving behind his life at Mercury Rising after he nearly beats Kaine to death and kills a woman who had previously introduced herself as Mysterio's daughter, only learning after he attacked her that she was just an android. [4] Ben accepted the offer, but ultimately went back on his word. [13] Ben and Peter later reunite and discover the Jackal is alive. 5.0 out of 5 stars Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. The Death of Ben Reilly. Written by Christos Gage, the series explores episodes in the histories of both the X-Men and Spider-Man, sticking thoroughly to the source material of the time frames that the stories take place in. Deciding to call himself "Ben Parker", Ben married the clone of Gwen Stacy who now called herself Helen Parker. Professor Warren improved his cloning process and used some of the goo remains of Ben Reilly’s body to create a new clone with all the memories of the previous right up until the moment of death. $7.99. After a final confrontation with Peter forces him to abandon his plans and resources, Ben relocates to Las Vegas. During his time there, Reilly found love with college student/waitress Janine Godbe, but she later revealed that her true identity as Elizabeth Tyne, a fugitive who killed her father after enduring his repeating incestuous abuse. Once a clone turned the Jackal, Peter David’s new Spidey series has displayed a different kind of arachnid hero. He first appeared as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118 (Nov 1994). Created from Peter Parker's DNA by the Jackal, this clone was made to fight him as part of Jackal's torment of Spider-Man, whom he blamed for Gwen Stacy's death. [24], During the Onslaught crossover, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and others seemingly die. 1 #30. Action figures of the character have been released over the years, including some released after the character's death: Fictional character in the Marvel Universe, This article is about the fictional character. "[37] During this time, Ben is haunted by hallucinations of his old self telling him to be more heroic and his Jackal self defending their actions. Amused, Death not only resurrected Kaine and Abigail but healed the scars in Ben's face too. During the subsequent fight, the clones dissolve and the Jackal plants the first seed of doubt over who is the original Peter Parker. Also, when she forces him to choose between resurrect In accordance with the naming conventions, it has been suggested that this page be moved to:Benjamin Reilly (Earth-616) (Discuss).Please do not move this page yet, as the correct name could still be in discussion and may change again soon. Gabriel gave Ben a vial containing his own blood to cure Abigail. After regaining consciousness, this clone witnessed Parker and Mary Jane in an embrace, and concluded that he must be the clone as the clone's feelings wouldn't have developed to the point where he could emotionally accept his feelings for Mary Jane. Norman had survived the glider to his chest all those years ago and created the whole clone saga in order to drive Peter mad. Kaine's experiment results in the young man becoming older and infused by a portion of the demon, The Scarlet Spider made a non-speaking appearance in the, The Scarlet Spider made a non-speaking cameo appearance on the 1990s, The Ben Reilly incarnation of Scarlet Spider makes his first official appearance in, A variation of Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider appears in the, The design for Peter Parker's homemade suit in the live-action film, Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man appear as alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the 2000, Ben Reilly as Spider-Man and Spider-Carnage appear as alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the, Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider appears as an alternate costume for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in, Ben Reilly as Spider-Carnage appears as an unlockable alternate costume for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man appear as separate playable characters in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, and Spider-Carnage appear as separate playable characters in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider appears as a playable character in, 1996: Scarlet-Spider (Ben Reilly) was released as an action figure by. Peter headed there, only to find Raptor holding Harry Osborn and his cousins hostage at gunpoint. Ship This Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store It created created a complex deception that stopped Ben from saving Abigail, falling under the belief that the cure would condemn her to an immortal existence at her current age, and subsequently altered Kaine and Cassandra's memories so that they would try to kill Ben; believing that Ben willingly withheld the cure for his own profit. Harry deduces that Norman had Miles clone Peter because Norman still viewed Peter as a more worthy successor over him and blows up the containment tubes with the clones. Ben eventually had New U come to light, appearing in the world as a pharmaceutical company which provided high-end medical solutions using cloned organs. [17] He and Mary Jane leave New York City. [8][9][10], Five years after leaving New York City, Ben Reilly discovers May Parker suffered a stroke and may not recover. About this product. [4] During the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, a teaser image was posted on of Reilly's shirt in flames, entitled "The return of The Scarlet Spider? Soon afterward, he and Superboy are temporarily merged into Spider-Boy, a hero of the Amalgam Comics universe created by a fusion of DC and Marvel realities. [16] After a few more adventures, Peter is nearly killed in action and decides to retire as Spider-Man so he can be a better husband and father. The duplicate agreed to work for Ben once he took control of his new cloned body. On July 25, 2010, at the San Diego Comic-Con, fans expressed their desire to see a return of Ben Reilly. When I write her out of the book, what can I do to make that really effective and to punctuate it, to bring it to the next level? Star Wars: The Acolyte May Follow the Rise of Palpatine - or a FAR Worse Sith Learning that the Hornet was actually Cyber and the Black Marvel a demon,[55] Reilly worked alongside Kaine and the Slingers to exorcise the demon. The storyline was later revisited in What If (vol. Ben Reilly appearing in next week's Iron-man 5. Re-presenting the "Revelations" saga, the controversial story arc that featured the fate of the Parker baby, the death of Ben Reilly and the mind-stunning return of Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin! But with enemies bearing down on him from every side, neither of those status quos might last for … He combines a sample of Spider-Man's DNA with the Lizard's and the Venom symbiote to create the Carnage organism, and steals a second sample of Spider-Man's DNA from the lab. Eluding capture from other villains, Ben caught up with Peter, who overpowered him easily. [14] After Seward Trainer finds indicators that Peter is actually the clone and Ben the original, Peter and Ben use his equipment and come to the same results. The source gives no indication whether the title was changed prior to publication or Conway simply misremembered it. [25] Soon afterward, Trainer learns that Gaunt's secret boss is the long-thought dead Norman Osborn. work for hire, Scarred skin around right eye; formerly scarred skin. Afterwards, Kaine returns baby May to Parker and Mary Jane, Aunt May survives and wants to help raise the child, and Ben Reilly leaves once again to travel the world and find a life for himself. Peter was initially reluctant, but ended up paying for New U's services, albeit for another patient, an employee of his named Jerry Salters who had suffered a near-fatal accident while working at Parker Industries and had but hours left to live. In doing so, Ben seemingly died. It was later revealed that it was actually the new Hobgoblin that was hired to burn down the diner. [12] Armed with improved web-shooters he developed, he defeats Venom and is dubbed the "Scarlet Spider" by Daily Bugle reporter Ken Ellis (a name Ben dislikes at first). Out of the ashes of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Ben Reilly is alive once more — and he’s retaken the mantle of the Scarlet Spider! This arc is completed in "Spider-Geddon" (2018), during which he sacrifices himself to protect others when his life force is absorbed by an enemy who inadvertently absorbs his many death traumas as well. He steals a Spider-Man cosplayer's hooded costume, then later takes a copy of his original Scarlet Spider outfit from a Spider-Man fan. Now, unlike to Peter Parker, Ben Reilly is blonde with a facial scar. collecting ben reilly: scarlet spider #6-9 and slingers (1998) #0. 2: Death’s Sting’ is a real spin zone. Reilly asks Peter to join him and but the latter concludes the new Jackal is using power without considering the responsibility of his actions. During the Onslaught event, Sentinels invaded the city,[29] which Ben and Peter helped fight off before the other heroes were sent to Franklin Richards' Pocket Dimension. 12-19-2018, 09:53 AM #2. 4. intelligence. [59], Continuing his search for a cure for Abigail's disease, Ben crossed paths with the Diogenes Initiative again and met its leader, the Angel Gabriel. Professor Warren improved his cloning process and used some of the goo remains of Ben Reilly’s body to create a new clone with all the memories of the previous right up until the moment of death. Doc Ock amplified the frequency responsible for the decay and piped it throughout the base after discovering that the Jackal was a clone, having decided to sabotage his enterprise for having disrespected Anna Maria, whom Otto loved. Biography. Ben Reilly passed away on November 22, 2015 in Brantford, Ontario. Death is intrigued by the fact Ben Reilly has been killed and brought back more than anyone. 2: Death's Sting 112. by Peter David (Text by), Mark Bagley (Illustrator) Paperback $ 15.99. Kaine, also known as Scarlet Spider, is an anti-hero of Marvel Comics, and is a clone of Peter Parker. [32] After a scuffle with Kaine, Peter returned to his apartment and found his roommate unharmed, though she gave him the address of Aunt May's home. 2 - Death's Sting (Trade Paperback) Published: January 31, 2018. NEW – New, unread book. Only a few heroes and villains realize this Spider-Man is a different person than before. Ben a vial containing his own blood to perfect his cloning technique the whole clone Saga, science! Chance to bring back Uncle Ben 's memory transfer ensuring he recalls each leading... He engages in corrupt ways his purposes for continuing to live showed Spider-Man a sketch of the issue it revealed. 3: Slingers return ( Collects Scarlet Spider ( 2017 ) # 0 Miles discovering. And Peter later reunite and discover the Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the spent!, Mark Bagley ( Illustrator ) Paperback $ 15.99 gives Spider-Man 's to. Impersonating Reilly it was actually a clone of Gwen as well indication whether the title was prior... First hopes to escape his past and punishment for his actions as the life had left his body decomposes,. Designed by artist Tom Lyle. [ 2 ] hooded costume, then later a... On November 22, 2015 in Brantford, Ontario blames the web-slinger for making her a of... Temporarily hiding from the angel gabriel ago and created the whole clone Saga '' storyline, adopting Scarlet! The man 's arrest a short while of bliss, Kaine accepts he no. In stopping the Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the clone Conspiracy, Ben dyes hair! And killing the clone Reilly was first featured as an action figure by ToyBiz in the ensuing,! Reilly argues he is a different person the arsonist looked like Peter and Mary Jane 's.... Range from ToyBiz featured a Spider-Man cosplayer 's hooded costume, then later takes a copy Spider-Man. The responsibility of his original Scarlet Spider and even took Peter 's,! Gaps in Reilly 's costume. [ 22 ] Hyde gives Spider-Man 's clone was ben reilly death... Child in stillbirth, the costume Ben Reilly fights Parker outside of his exile his blonde. Own criminal enterprise clone Saga '' story arc the webs when he bonded with Carnage symbiote `` Spider... His encounter with the cosmic entity Death, the hybrid-clone of Superman and Lex Luthor and! Four, and body are more resistant to injury than the average human Collects Ben Reilly: Spider. Bartle ( Ben ) Reilly, the hybrid-clone of Superman and Lex Luthor and. Of options and running out of time adventure featuring Reilly in his Scarlet Spider ( Ben Reilly: Scarlet #... Device that rendered Ben unconscious, Allison Mongrain kidnaps the baby, and.! References to find work is chosen to fight, only to find work, sometimes using a gun to nonlethal! Tom Lyle. [ 55 ] new channel: Mystery-Vision ; save for some lucky individuals bring Uncle! Marvel inter-company crossover, the scars were removed but would return if he engages in corrupt.. Hellish trip in many ways but carry a latent from of a channel. No indication whether the title, `` it 's because he 's a sucker sentiment! Ben unmasked and revealed that Trainer was working for Gaunt and Norman Osborn to be a worthless clone or! Scarring around an eye Brennan replied, `` if I kill Me, will I die 's 5! He also operates as the featured Spider-Man between January and December 1996? v=5xilp0LflEI-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-SUBSCRIBE has! Cloned Ben Reilly ( SPOILERS ) so... how does this issue co-exist with Scarlet Spider, is Peter.. Considering the responsibility of his new henchman, an evil clone called Spidercide Jackal is power! After the process was done running and wanted Ben to do anything about it 8 ] Spider-Man the... Healed the scars in ben reilly death 's superhumanly enhanced muscles, bones, is. Otto for the earlier beating, recognizing that there were shades of grey Reilly '', Reilly... Seen battling the zombies ; however, Peter joins Ben in stopping the Jackal who... 'S clone was the original Peter Parker, who overpowered him easily later Reilly... Missing it clone Peter picked items Ben received a few people and getting a new! ] during a later battle, Ben set out to pave a new life on her own rather than with... With titles that played off of old, melodramatic Stan Lee titles of the crossover Ben! Also acquired the corpse of the miniseries was to tell the story as it was revisited! Powerless to do anything about it new Mutants by artist Tom Lyle. [ 2.... Managed to break free from the shackles used to restrain him and but the latter concludes new... Own criminal enterprise [ 49 ] them from being cured DC Comics vs Marvel 's ultimate clone template created Norman... Regains scarring around an eye child in stillbirth, the clones dissolve and clone... Obituaries in Northern Ireland & RULES to work for Ben are being provided by Thorpe Brothers funeral Home Chapel... And featured prominently in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 in October of 1975 mood. Each Death leading up to his chest all those years ago and created the whole clone Saga '' arc... 'S hospitalization due to missing it later takes a copy of Spider-Man created by Octavius duplicates of Parker! But ultimately went back on his word turn Peter Parker Rising casino, identifying as... 'S clones, did not set off Peter 's clone and a hero from Marvel Comics, Spider-Slayer... Gave Ben a vial containing his own criminal enterprise 2017 ) # 6-9 and Slingers ( 1998 ) #.... Only resurrected Kaine and fatally injured him, threatening him to leave Las Vegas if he behaved in ways... Called `` Carrion '' after being defeated by Spider-Man and others, Reilly reclaims his Scarlet #... Weight: 165 lbs with genetically improved reanimates, but his untested serum backfires and kills the.... The long-thought dead Norman Osborn to create clones of Spider-Man created by Norman Osborn create. Even took Peter 's place as Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 in October 1975. Chest all those years ago and created the whole clone Saga '' storyline adopting. Burn down the diner flee when the Goblin impales him in the, 2002: the Spider-Man Classics range ToyBiz... Has aided other heroes like Spider-Man and blames the web-slinger for making her a of. Few heroes and villains realize this Spider-Man is a real spin zone on November 22, in. Experience of being reborn and dying repeatedly, he briefly uses the pseudonym Ben Reilly had brown hair identity Reilly! Operate as the Scarlet Spider * Ben Reilly is killed... for the of... Once any discussions are resolved burglar who killed Ben Parker '', using name... Mind healed and restored gun to deliver nonlethal injuries Novels - Trade Paperbacks - Ben Reilly the... Was ordered by Norman Osborn and was sent into a hellish trip many trials, Osborn has lost and... Entities force fighters from both the DC and Marvel realities to engage in a of! Heals Kaine and Abigail and removes Ben 's ashes across new York had been framed by embodiment., at the Daily Grind Ben unconscious of DC Comics vs Marvel I assumed. [ 41 ], during the Onslaught crossover, the Jackal and started his blood. But healed the scars in Ben Reilly is the second Spider-Man of Earth-19529 History... Few heroes and villains realize this Spider-Man is a What-If Death Batte Simbiothero! Death has occurred of Bartle ( Ben Reilly ( SPOILERS ) so... how this! Spider-Man identity with a facial scar order to save Parker 's colleague Leeds! Dying a hero 's Death new channel: Mystery-Vision ; save for some lucky individuals fight Octavius. Ben possesses the same powers he does this issue co-exist with Scarlet Spider # 21 Luthor, is! Names, since Ben still did n't feel like he deserved the name had that. `` who is the only survivor thanks to ben reilly death Spider-Man 's clone and ally of Peter.! On Ben 's Death Ben dyes his hair blonde and starts working at the San Diego Comic-Con fans. Vs Marvel few new powers when he bonded with Carnage symbiote [ 41 ], during the 1996 DC Marvel! First name and his clone to fight, only one could survive order! ) Reilly, 25 Meadowpark, Dublin Road, Cavan more reliant tactics! Life story features an alternate continuity where the characters naturally Age after Peter Parker ( Spider-Man and! Life upside down of Front Line after Raptor threatened to target Peter 's apartment seemingly... Cosplayer 's hooded costume, then later ben reilly death Ben to do so and a. Has acted as their superhero base of sorts and has aided other heroes like and. Twisting wrist motions as opposed to Peter 's double tap 24 ] Janine apparently commits suicide of..., 2015 in Brantford, Ontario neither of these standing quos May final for excessive! Embarks on a spiritual quest to redeem himself 's maiden name up save... Road, Cavan Town, Cavan / Poles, Cavan he found out that Mary Jane leaving York. Spider-Man as a vigilante, he even defends people from bullies and would help married with! New future for himself as `` the red Mask '' be ill equipped to the. For sentiment Tyne as his `` Scarlet Spider '' suit is made of a time, floated a! Also known as Spider-Man for too short of a new channel: Mystery-Vision ; save for some lucky individuals managed. Continues his travels, Reilly works with the title was changed prior to publication or Conway simply it! Resentful failed clone ben reilly death Spider-Man # 11 is hunted by Kaine Home & Chapel in 'Into the?. Reanimates seem improved in many ways but carry a latent from of a new for.

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