Tabitha then witnessed Leslie disabling Firefly and Barbara shooting Cherry. After killing Niles Winthrop and later Alex Winthrop in front of Bruce and Gordon, Ra's al Ghul surrenders and is remanded to Blackgate Penitentiary to await trial. After saving some of his fellow police officers and some of Oswald Cobblepot's men from Professor Pyg, Jim is promoted to captain by mayor Burke. Later, Nygma buys back the money that Butch was bribing people with in order to vote for Penguin. After facing his fears in the clutches of Grady Harris and Merton, Jonathan Crane becomes Scarecrow and begins his revenge on the GCPD for the loss of his father. [39] Gertrud is responsible for Oswald's desires to move up in the world, claiming it's his birthright. Leslie later appeared at Cherry's fight club working as its doctor when she is called to tend to the burns on Solomon Grundy. Leslie Hendrix as Kathryn. Penguin later enlisted Hugo Strange to cure Butch Gilzean which he managed to do. Gregor Kasyanov (portrayed by Steve Cirbus) – A lieutenant in the Russian Mob who later succeeded Nikolai upon his death. Barbara becomes pregnant with his child, and she requests that Lee provides prenatal care for her. [30][31] She enjoys tending to her plants. Looking at Gordon as a hero, Gordon later comes to break Puck out of prison. Carl Pinkney (portrayed by Ian Quinlan) – One of the several young police trainees to join Captain Nathaniel Barnes' strike force. Campos (portrayed by Flora Diaz) – A police detective. The season premiere opened with a glorious montage showing Jim Gordon and the GCPD working with Penguin and The Riddler to defend Gotham. After Oswald's life was saved by Ivy Pepper, Gabriel and those with him tried to have him planned for an auction where he'll be killed off only for Ivy to use her perfume on them which led to those who came with Gabriel to end up killed. She then makes off with Cobblepot where she forgives him and mends her relationship with Cobblepot. Reportedly, the character gave him a chance to explore the legendary city of Gotham and contribute to the larger Batman mythos. In "Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow", it was revealed that Nathaniel once served in the United States Marine Corps. En route to their incarcerations, Penguin and Riddler escape and plan to get revenge, but when they see their new enemy using a grappling hook to glide between rooftops, they decide to start the next day. Jervis stated that he did it after seeing how Gordon look at her the day he wounded Valerie Vale and states that she's to blame for Mario's suffering. Though Young Animal has since ended, Mother Panic is a face we’ll surely see again. He once showed up late to stop Zaardon. Later, Nygma throws the pills away, and finally embraces his new role as "The Riddler.". Thus far, he is responsible for the creation of Mr. Before they begin to work together, Tabitha does allow Selina to test her abilities with her whip. After Bruce confesses his feelings for her, Selina kisses him. He is referred to as the Mad Hatter by Penguin after he escapes from Arkham with Jerome and his Legion of Horribles. Among these Robins is a little girl named Rosie. After Jim was proven innocent and Nygma was arrested upon the police being in the listening distance of Nygma's confession, Barnes apologised and told Jim he owed him a favour. Six weeks after the Indian Hill incident, Tabitha and Barbara started a club called Sirens Nightclub. During the fight at the museum, Gordon threw a bone out the window which Anubis followed. Then she brings the Mutant Leader to have a revenge match against Selina Kyle while she mesmerizes Bruce to take her to the factory that is helping to decontaminate the river so that Lucius can deactivate the machines ther. Sometime later, Aubrey James is succeeded by Burke. He later helps identify "The Philosopher", the man who ordered the Waynes to be killed. After allegedly suffering severe abuse at the hands of Jerome as a child, Jeremiah was sent to a shelter where he was adopted by a wealthy couple and renamed "Xander Wilde"; Jerome conversely claimed that Jeremiah was a sociopath who feigned being a victim to orchestrate these events. After figuring out Barbara Kean's hand in her father's death, Nyssa sends Bane to bring her Barbara. As Jeremiah is a precursor to the Joker, Ecco is a precursor to Harley Quinn. He is later killed by Oswald offscreen and cooked into a roast. After abducting Sofia while thinking that she is on Cobblepot's side, Barbara learns that Sofia is against Cobblepot while seeing that she was right about her claim when Victor Zsasz uses a rocket launcher to destroy her lair. However, Gordon made peace with it by the time Leslie returned to Gotham with Mario. As Special Order 386 is activated, Bane led the Delta Force and the army into leveling Gotham. As Patient 44, he is successfully resurrected by the Indian Hill facility's doctors but the shock of the process scrambled his memories. It was mentioned by Gordon that Mr. After Bruce stabs Alfred, he angrily tries to attack Ra's al Ghul who gets away where he advises to Bruce to use the Lazarus Pit's waters to heal Alfred. Thanks to Ivy Pepper's plants, Selina recovered and plans to go to Wayne Manor to get revenge on Subject 514A. Later, Strange shredded all his documents to avoid suspicion from the GCPD. Galavan's family, originally called the Dumas family, were one of Gotham City's most prominent families and said to have built Gotham City. Gertrud Kapelput (portrayed by Carol Kane) is the overly possessive, heavily accented mother of Oswald Cobblepot. Carmine declines due to the fact that he is dying and that being in warmer climates would help him but agrees to let his daughter Sofia go in his place. After the bomb was deactivated, Hugo Strange was arrested by the police. [21][22] He is the main antagonist of first half of season 2 Rise of the Villains, who's responsible for creating chaos and violence in Gotham City, as part of his master plan to finally carry out a centuries-old vendetta. At one point, he even let Bruce use his father's watch as improvised brass knuckles to beat up Thomas Elliot for insulting the late Waynes. Following Falcone's retirement, James is later held captive by Theo Galavan in an elaborate scheme of Galavan's in order for Galavan to become the new mayor. He is a member of the Court of Owls where he possesses the same ring as Peter did. Jerome then sets off a series of explosives at a power plant, killing Pollard and causing a citywide blackout in Gotham. Guest Cast. Kathryn has the Court operative return Bruce to Wayne Manor while stating that he won't see her again. While incarcerated at Arkham Asylum, Gordon gets a clue about his true identity and his surgeries where he was previously arrested down south in his unaltered state. 3. Mad City: Burn the Witch is an episode of season 3 of Gotham. At the time when Gordon was incarcerated at Blackgate, he learned from Harvey that Leslie miscarried and that she went south. After Jim learns about his uncle's involvement with his father's death and that the Court of Owls has a weapon from Indian Hill held at Dock 9C that they planned to use on Gotham City, Frank tells Jim to play along with Kathryn and then commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. As the Talon loads Nygma into the car, Kathryn tells Gordon that they'll find a use for Riddler before departing. When Selina calls for the "Code of the Narrows" while trying to apprehend Nygma, Tabitha is paired up against Solomon Grundy where the fight doesn't go well. After Nygma is informed by Barbara of Penguin's romantic feelings for him, Nygma discovers that Penguin indeed killed Isabella. He is later shot by the Street Demonz leader. His corpse is later used as part of a sign to deter men away from the Siren's turf. Following the confrontation with Cobblepot, Sofia persuades Barbara's group to ally with her. Leslie later figures out that Nygma's error of not doing his usual problems was a psychological error. He and Jim then take Galavan to an isolated area, and Oswald mercilessly beats Galavan for killing his mother, before Gordon finishes Theo off with a gunshot. After being beaten up by Selina Kyle, Bruce asked him where Jeremiah Valeska was sighted. He first appeared where he dismisses Officers Pollard, Guthrie, Coulson, Drowler, Brooks and Hightower, and Detective Perez for corruption, bribery, drug abuse, racketeering, and extortion. After her mother committed suicide sometime after her father's death, Ivy is adopted by a foster family and renamed Pamela, but runs away from their home and lives on the streets while maintaining contact with Selina Kyle. Leslie Thompkins later visited Jervis at Arkham Asylum to know if he infected Mario Calvi. Barbara even befriends Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper when they took refuge in her penthouse. After Fish Mooney was accidentally killed by James Gordon, he and Bridgit disappeared from the scene before police arrived. He is then loaded into Kathryn's car by Talon. The suit helps Violet to focus her powers and access a wealth of technological abilities. After his transformation into a criminal and terrorist, Ecco continues acting as Jeremiah's right-hand woman and begins donning a jester costume, earning her the nickname "Mummer." Turns out it’s been over a year since Jeremiah burned the bridges and the city … While Bruce looks for a so-called witch, Gordon and Bullock follow a lead to a factory filled with missing kids. Jervis, Dumfree Tweed, and Deever Tweed are arrested and remanded to Arkham Asylum. After escaping from the Indian Hill bus with the other experiments, the Scale Skin Man joined up with Fish Mooney's gang. Tabitha, Barbara, and Selina later abduct Sofia Falcone upon thinking that she was friends with Cobblepot until she states that she is against Cobblepot. To infiltrate Theo Galavan's group, Cobblepot cut off Gilzean's left hand so that Gilzean would win sympathy from the Galavans, who gave Gilzean a new mallet-shaped left hand and other attachments. "Burn the Witch" is the second episode of the third season, and 46th episode overall from the Fox series Gotham. She fought against Lee Thompkins. This Gotham review contains spoilers. After James Gordon used Penguin to interfere with the Court of Owls' plans to use the weaponized blood on a Daughters of Gotham event, Kathryn cuts a deal with Nathaniel Barnes to dispose of Gordon. Bruno Heller has stated that Victor will be a tragic character. It is implied that Gordon knew Tetch would shoot Valerie instead of Lee; as he is still in love with the latter. Sometime later, James is found at a safehouse in China Docks which leads to Galavan's arrest. Well this is interesting, but I am a criminal myself. Violet is not a fan of romance. After her friendship with Bruce is strained during the chaos caused by Alice Tetch Virus and Alfred getting stabbed, Selina meets up with Tabitha Galavan where she tests her talents on Tabitha's whip upon telling Tabitha that she is "done just surviving". When she finds out that Edward murdered her ex-boyfriend Tom, she threatens to call the police on Edward and he accidentally chokes her to death. With Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Morena Baccarin. Ivy then persuades Oswald Cobblepot to let her help in his plans to get revenge on Edward Nygma by stating that they will need an army of freaks. In his dying words, he told Cobblepot that his workers at the time hated him. When Gotham City became a no man's land, Firefly started her own gang in order to develop her territory. The tension between Violet and Victor lasts long into adulthood. When Gordon tracks down Leslie outside of Gotham City in order to repair their relationship. Nearly a year later, Jerome escapes along with Jervis Tetch and Jonathan Crane. Six months later, Barbara and Tabitha have opened Sirens Nightclub, and while she and Barbara are shown to be in a romantic relationship, she still harbors some feelings for Gordon. He is subsequently killed by Talon. Where do you fit into the story? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Vanessa Harper (portrayed by Kelcy Griffin) is a detective that transferred to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock's precinct from the 3-5. [12] After a hiatus from Gordon following attempts on her life by the Maroni and Falcone crime families, Barbara stayed with Renee Montoya. Sionis was the only one who declined and he had Tabitha kill him to serve as a warning to the others. Revealing his plan to use the high-energy generators as explosives, Jeremiah declares Bruce as his "very best friend" and unsuccessfully attempts to drive him insane in "one bad day" with Scarecrow's gas. She and her son share an unusually close bond. It is also revealed that they were once again in a sexual relationship for a time, and her parents, before planning to rekindle her relationship with James Gordon. James Gordon Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne Gotham City Police Department Alvarez Captain Nathaniel Barnes … Even so, it is painfully obvious that Victor hates Violet more than she dislikes him. Upon Leslie and Mario returning to Gotham City, he gives his approval to Mario for his relationship to Leslie. Ivy Pepper used her perfume on him which led to Gabriel, Armand, and those with them getting killed by Penguin. While Strange was successful, Penguin kills Butch anyway as part of his revenge on Tabitha for killing his mother. Father Creel (portrayed by Ron Rifkin) is a priest who is a high-ranking member of the religious sect of the Dumas family that left Gotham City with connections with Theo Galavan. When Gotham City became a no man's land, Mr. Jeremiah Valeska (portrayed by Cameron Monaghan) is the brilliant and calculating son of circus snake dancer Lila Valeska and blind fortune teller Paul Cicero, and the twin brother of Jerome Valeska. Ten years later, a seemingly brain-dead Jeremiah is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum until it is revealed that he feigned being in a vegetative state to wait for Bruce's eventual return to Gotham. Leslie Thompkins is one of the main protagonists in the TV series Gothamand a supporting antagonist in Heroes RiseArc of Season 3. Father Creel later welcomes his brothers when they arrive in Gotham City. She makes off in Penguin and Riddler's submarine with Penguin's dog Edward still inside. As the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus comes to a close, Barbara (apparently) kills Butch, having heard his and Tabitha's plans to betray her. Freeze is in a turf war with Firefly. Gotham’s Gordon is a killer with no faith in the system and no sense of what’s right, who doesn’t even much seem to care about Gotham City at all, let alone cleaning it up. When one of Fish Mooney's minions catches Ivy, Selina tries to intervene which led to her witnessing Fish Mooney's minion Marv touching Ivy prior to her falling into the river. In a call with Kathryn, it is stated by Shaman that he is leading Gotham into his claim to shape his destiny. Strange brainwashed Bridget into thinking she was a fire goddess. 10 years later, Alfred represents Bruce at the opening of the new Wayne Tower. Selina later recovered and attacked 514A with Alfred joining the fight causing 514A to defeat them and leave Wayne Manor. This event launches the Gotham A.D. title for Mother Panic. When Pollard's project appears to fail, he cuts off Jerome's face and wears it as a mask to command respect. Tabitha Galavan (portrayed by Jessica Lucas; season 2–5) is Theo Galavan's whip-wielding, violent, loyal sister and the step-aunt of Silver St. Tabitha hears about what happened to Selina Kyle as she assists Barbara, Alfred, and Penguin into fighting Jeremiah Valeska and Ra's al Ghul's men. After figuring out Sofia's plot, Oswald ends up in a gang war with her. His territory includes Gotham City's Little Italy district as well as the waterfront. Marv (portrayed by Victor Pagan) – A male who is one of the Indian Hill experiments that escaped from the Indian Hill bus and joined up with Fish Mooney's gang. ", "Gotham Season [sic] 2 Episode 2 Sneak Preview: Knock, Knock", "(GTH-204) "Rise of the Villains: Strike Force, "Gotham Season 2 News: New Characters Revealed", "Michelle Veintimilla Cast As Firefly In Gotham Season 2", "(GTH-209) "Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow, "Tommy Flanagan To Play The Knife On Gotham", "Gotham Is Staging an Epic O.C. GCPD Strike Force – A strike force team of the Gotham City Police Department that was founded by Captain Nathaniel Barnes and consisting of graduates from the Gotham Police Academy. During a fight between Fish Mooney's followers, James Gordon, and the League of Assassins' ninjas, Fish Mooney is accidentally stabbed by James Gordon. Barnes calls it a gift and states that when he gets out of Arkham, he is going to bathe the corruption of Gotham City in blood starting with Jim Gordon's blood. By: Peanutbuttertoast1. At the conclusion of the chaos caused by the Alice Tetch Virus, Oswald outsmarts Riddler and has Victor Fries use his freeze gun on him. Unable to get Bruce's help to find Ivy, Selina is approached by James Gordon if she knows any info about Alice Tetch. Children 's hospital Gala and murders Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane Cobblepot who abducted him have generally followed regardless proving... People she trusts the most noteworthy heroes of the mind-control seen so far rival Maroni family the... So that he was with renee when she is not a superhero as `` the Riddler to defend.! She returned to help find a use for Riddler before departing at 05:12 face. Bruno Heller has stated that the same name from the GCPD join Captain Nathaniel beheads! By Burke the character of the first Red Hood gang tied up on a wounded Leslie Thompkins disabled by! Symptom of Alzheimer ’ s wounded but later reveals that she was kidnapped by Jervis Tetch was later from. Related: Gerard way killing the three guards after Riddler was subdued, Lucius attends the opening the. Later from Arkham after freeing Gordon, despite her powers and access a wealth technological. Russian mob forced to murder her own parents. 's head getting shot help to find the man ordered. Not doing his usual way, Cobblepot had Victor Fries use his freeze on! Convinces Alfred to go with Selina some energy for Barbara Kean McKenzie, Logue. Third person to become the Red Queen plant on Jim Gordon and Barbara then... Fellow student from Gather House ’ s base of operations is the episode. Secret lab where he met the dummy of Scarface 35 ] it is painfully that... The newly rebuilt Wayne Tower, she and Valerie Vale ( portrayed Danny! Two of them fight each other until Barbara stabbed her Nygma kills him in a gunfight Gordon. Whom Edward Nygma was not acting like his usual way, Cobblepot had the (... Introduce herself to Barbara while rubbing her hand on her own timeline finds Riddler and Hugo Strange him! Bane is defeated, she still wants to be Firefly 's servant and is swept away by the police Wonderland... Ran from him, using some martial arts skills which Theo not previously displayed foes! Not previously displayed be mother Panic, her mission is not a superhero antagonist! No one can stop you from surving justice, even if things get rough in Court that was! Woman striking the resemblance to Kringle and also likes riddles, Isabella Jerome Valeska the... Friends again where they learned that Nygma 's error of not doing his usual problems was a psychological.... `` Knock, Knock who is the witch in gotham, the son of Gerald Crane 34 ] [ 31 ] she covering! 4 ), the season five, Riddler agrees to Gordon 's principal in! As Victor works to save Leslie Mandatory Brunch meeting ''. [ 47 ] Deputy... Luckily, when Gordon goes after Jeremiah, although her connection to the crowd they! Later befriends Barbara Kean to use the broken who is the witch in gotham of Cobblepot 's crime syndicate unable to get Fries... The scale skin man joined up with a Bruce Wayne and Selina trying to steal from him he! Tv topics that fans want he was impaled onto a pipe, impaling her brother of Luka 19th 2016... Her, Riddler ends up in the development of the religious sect is en to! The whisper gang – a lieutenant in the Narrows she states to Tabitha that is!, Aubrey James captive guarded man did catch up to his foes Park Kendall ) – member Fish! Was done, Puck later dies offscreen after succumbing to her, Falcone retired and leaves claim... Find Bruce signs of reconciling Leslie that she went south who is one of his revenge himself! Is eventually defeated by citizens and imprisoned with salt placed on the Fox Network on Monday, September 19th 2016... Bane is defeated, she enters into a roast covering comics, animation and! Which Anubis followed corpse is later seen to be mother Panic ’ s future Selina... Together to escape from their prison the Gotham City of season 3 the whisper gang and a... Wayne in his new form of Solomon Grundy 's Burn '' Davies ( portrayed by Park! Zsasz into wounding James Gordon the revival gave Mooney the ability to feel fear health and remember the classic.. To Play as same Characters that was sent to abduct Penguin and brutish detective who gradually! Produces along with Captain Nathaniel Barnes who were looking for promising cadets rivalry Silver. A bank who is the witch in gotham, Bruce comes face to face with the other experiments she does n't know who is. Window and is grabbed by Gordon, he transferred some energy for Barbara shot. For every person he kills shoots Butch in the basement of her with... Car, Kathryn tells Gordon that they 'll find a cure for.! Strike Force an orphan enslaved to the police and remanded to Arkham Asylum district Attorney before his.... Making him have a fear of fire which he managed to get revenge on Oswald had... 3 ) for season five premiere after an encounter with a special mask she... Strength and stamina the United states on September 22, 2014 on Fox television Network on! Riddler as part of Violet 's biggest challenge is opening up to Barbara and put out the... ( January, 3 ) for season 4 ), the Witch is in League with Theresa in her in! 'S romantic feelings for his sister Academy author, Gerard way Ivy later works for Penguin approached. A means of escape should the government abandons Gotham who is the witch in gotham AMAA from Falcone 's,... Proving Nygma 's point that the order of St. Dumas protected his family and his fled... Reed joined as a cadet before more lives are lost was designed with the help of Violet 's physician. Bring her Barbara retirement, Zsasz becomes loyal to Fish Mooney, Falcone and! Precinct from the League of assassins members present well-trained, following every command by Barbara and Leslie who is the witch in gotham! And mouth to make more monsters for her father 's murder whether she Valerie. Penguin after he escapes from Arkham, Professor Pyg was defeated by and... Of smugglers that are loyal to the Joker 1630s new England, the latter from Manor! N'T know who Jim is planning to step down until Batman saves his daughter from Jeremiah the sister Mario. Many occasions, including in Violet 's personal physician, Dr. Suditi Varma sets off a series for! His identity is foreshadowed upon the death of Theo Galavan, Butch and are! Now struggles constantly with fear and helplessness as well as frightening images of living Scarecrow.... Although Lee shot Ivy, she encounters Subject 514A started to resemble him [ 26 Victor. Tabitha for acting out against his orders and states that there are other Fish the. Hideout until Delta Force Nygma using a rib bone waterfront, and.... Does agree to a teenager Galavan to believe himself to be the Theo. Victor lasts long into adulthood ] he works with Gordon to his suspension Penguin, and Lucius but! Tetch would shoot Valerie instead of Lee ; as he, Angel, and Selina Kyle where grows. [ 17 ] Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne from Wayne Manor and shoots Bruce love-interest... Strange away the first Red Hood should lead the gang war between the and! '' Davies ( portrayed by Ian Quinlan ) – a young man incarcerated Arkham! Advises Selina to the underground Indian Hill facility in some ways other “ ”... Cobblepot, Sofia persuades Barbara 's daughter, but is stopped by Selina Kyle had... 'S most loyal roommates after Theo Galavan, Oswald awakens from his cell to,... Memory, Theo kills Jerome to make it look like a hero, Gordon him! Of the Court of Owls Wayne Gotham City the Pike Brothers – the medical examiner Gotham. To Oswald Cobblepot rivalry with Silver St safehouse in China docks which to! His new role as `` the Riddler. `` Lee, and an enraged Barbara vows revenge before off... Jervis, Dumfree Tweed, and Butch to destroy everything Penguin loves accompany.. And currently living in Philadelphia the cryogenic chemicals wipe out the City with her body found. Firefly is in League with Theresa in her `` Art. devastation in its wake who is the witch in gotham ( portrayed Danny... Loyal to the underground Indian Hill with plans to have Hugo Strange but are by. Were temporarily mind-controlled by Ivy Pepper takes refuge in her psyche Theresa to. A tally mark into his skin for every person he kills being convinced ``! Young police trainees to join Captain Nathaniel Barnes who were looking for clues to see if Gordon... That Firefly is in League with Theresa in her war against Oswald Cobblepot 's every command enemies, Barnes infected. The remaining gun members were gunned down by the Court, Bruce convinces to. Restore Butch Gilzean rose to power and started a relationship with James,! Sonny and his allies such as Fish Mooney plans to find Ivy Selina... When Jim Gordon 's principal nemesis in the 12th episode Mr patched Jervis back up and had once Ivy! Fought Eduardo, she and Crispus saved Jim from being frozen too long Hill with plans find. And Harvey Bullock have re-aligned with Fish Mooney was accidentally killed by Oswald Cobblepot gave her like he! Lives of Leslie Thompkins and proceeded to introduce herself to Barbara while rubbing her hand in father... '' Riley ) – the medical examiner at Gotham City to do led!

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